LoL Season 5 World final – A Guide to Berlin

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LoL Season 5 World final – A Guide to Berlin

Now that we know that the LoL Season 5 World final will be held in Berlin at the Mercedes-Benz Arena (currently called O2 World), we’ve provided a guide for those of you lucky enough to be attending. We’ll cover topics such as how to travel to the LoL Season 5 World Final, what to do in Berlin, how to get to the Mercedes-Benz Arena and where you can purchase tickets for the event. For those of you not lucky enough to get tickets to the LoL Season 5 World Final, we’ve included a list of awesome places in the city where you can watch the games and take in the atmosphere.

Where to buy LoL Season 5 World Final tickets

Tickets will be on sale on the LoL Esports website only. Do not buy tickets from anywhere else as they are likely to be fake and you could lose your money!

How to get to the LoL Season 5 World Final

The final is being held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, so it’s not too difficult for anyone in Europe to attend. Those of you traveling from outside of Europe might have a bit more difficulty in getting there, but Berlin has some excellent international air connections to North America and Asia, so it won’t be too difficult.

By Air

For those of you living outside of continental Europe, traveling to Berlin by air will be the easiest way to get to the final. For those attending from the UK there are regular flights from almost all major and regional airports to Berlin. Airlines such as EasyJet or GermanWings will provide the most cost effective option. For fans attending from North America or Asia your options are a little more limited. You’ll need to head to major airports (such as Tokyo Narita Airport in Japan, or any major airport in the USA for North Americans) and catch a flight from a carrier such as Lufthansa. Once you arrive in Berlin you can take a train directly to Berlin Ostbahnhof station which is right next to the Mercedez-Benz Arena.

By Train

This is the best of option for those of you visiting from continental Europe. Berlin has excellent train services from all over Europe which are available at very affordable prices. If arriving by train it’s likely that you’ll come to Berlin Hauptbahnhof station. From here you can catch a train direct to the Mercedes-Benz Arena or get a taxi for around €14.

By Car

Traveling in to Berlin by car is not really recommended, as it isn’t a particularly car friendly city. You’ll find that the cost and inconvenience of parking makes the train a much more viable option!

Where to stay during the LoL Season 5 World Final

Berlin is a huge city with many options for accommodation. If you’re only here for a few days then staying close to the Season 5 LoL Worlds Final venue makes sense. There are many hotels around this area which can be found with a quick look on Google Maps – such as the InterCity Hotel or the East Side Hotel. If staying for a little longer, why not stay in the center of Berlin and truly appreciate all the culture and history that this wonderful city has to offer. All the major hotel chains are present here, such as Holiday Inn, Marriott and Hilton hotels. Of course, this will cost slightly more than staying on the outskirts of Berlin or close to the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

What to do in Berlin

If you’re coming to visit for the Season 5 LoL World Final, why not stay a few extra days and discover what Berlin has to offer. There are numerous museums and historical sites for those interested in that sort of thing. The Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie in particular are something that those interested in history should go and visit. For those who prefer cultural activities, Berlin has a fantastic range of art galleries and theaters where you can watch some excellent performances. The café and restaurant scene in Berlin is also excellent with some delicious food on offer – something people often forget about when visiting Germany. If you don’t want to stay in Berlin for your whole trip, why not just jump on a train and visit anywhere in Europe? You don’t need a passport to travel around once you’re in mainland Europe, so take your pick of where you want to go. Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona…. They’re all available to get to on the train from Berlin!

Where to watch the Season 5 LoL World Final in Berlin

If you aren’t lucky enough to get tickets to see the final live there are several eSports bars in Berlin that will be streaming the event. The atmosphere in these is sure to be amazing, second only to being at the final live. Once such place is Meltdown Berlin – a fantastic eSports bar based not too far from where the final itself will be held.

Are you travelling to the Season 5 LoL Worlds Final in Berlin? Let us know in the comments below. We’d also like to hear from those of you who live in Berlin and have suggestions on what to see/do in the city!


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