League of Legends T-Shirts To Impress Your Friends

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League of Legends T-Shirts To Impress Your Friends

If you didn’t know already, League of Legends is a highly popular game, and it seems that no one can get enough of its champions and characters!

With millions of fans worldwide it was only a matter of time until someone started making League of Legends T-shirts and clothing. After all, there is no better way to tell someone you play League of Legends than wearing a League of Legends t-shirt.

From official merchandise to fan-made clothes, there are hundreds if not thousands of different t-shirt styles out there. To help you decide which League of Legends t-shirt you should add to your wardrobe we’ve sifted through the hundreds of them available and handpicked the best ones.

If you can’t decide which one to choose or which one would suit you best, then we’re here to help. All of our picks are unisex and are available in a variety of sizes, no matter your size or body type we’ve got a t-shirt you’ll LOVE!

Our Top League of Legends T-Shirt Picks

Get Gromp’d – $25

gromp tshirt


This t-shirt depicts a ruthless Gromp gobbling up Pix, with Lulu sobbing below. And, for some reason, Teemo is riding Gromp and hurling mushrooms? Or perhaps he’s trying to save Pix? Honestly, this shirt makes us feel like we’ve been doing mushrooms, we have no idea what’s happening but love it nonetheless!

Head on over to the Riot store to grab your own “Get Gromp’t” shirt now!

Salty – $25

salty tshirt


If you hang around with players who are regularly salty, now you can poke fun at their anger management issues – and look great while doing it! People who don’t play video games will probably wonder why you have a salt shaker on your shirt. However, those in the know will think you’re great!

You can grab yours over at Redbubble for only 25 dollars!

Change Is Goodd – $25

khazix shirt


A classic Kha’Zix quote, and it’s got to be said; The shirt does look pretty eye-catching. The different shades of purple work well together and the image of Kha’Zix really pops out of the shirt. The quote might bug a few League players, especially those who complain every time the game is changed in the tiniest of ways.

Show everyone just how much you love to jungle with this excellent shirt, now only $25 on the Riot store!

League of Draven – $25

draven t-shirt

If you have friends that don’t play League of Legends then this is a great t-shirt to troll them with. After all, it does say League of Draven instead of League of Legends. For the non-LoL players it will go completely over their heads as they won’t get the reference but for any fellow LoL players you bump into, they will instantly get the joke.

Currently available from the North American Riot merchandise store for $25, this t-shirt is worth the price for the laughs alone.

Heimerdinger Schematic – $25

heimerdinger schematic t-shirt

If you have an unhealthy addiction to raising your dongers, then this is the t-shirt for you. Featuring Heimerdinger’s fabulous mustache, this t-shirt gives you the actual schematic to build your own Heimerdinger! Not only will all of your LoL friends be seriously impressed by this t-shirt, but they’ll also be begging you to tell them where you got it from!

Available from the official Riot store and at only $25, there are plenty of reasons to buy it. Go ahead, raise your donger! We dare you!

Ziggs Bomb – $25

ziggs bomb t-shirt

Are you ready to blow your friends away with this t-shirt? Because this t-shirt is absolute dynamite! Ok but seriously, if you want a low key League of Legends t-shirt that doesn’t have “I play League of Legends” labeled on it, then this is the perfect choice. Featuring Ziggs sat on a lit bomb while laughing away, the bomb isn’t the only thing lit with this t-shirt. If you’re a big fan of Ziggs then it’s really not a hard decision, buy this t-shirt!

Poro Bunch – $20

poro bunch t-shirt

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love poros? And what’s better than 1 Poro? A whole bunch of them! This League of Legends t-shirt features a whole pile of poros to impress your friends. These cute little snowball rabbit fur balls are everyone’s favourite League of Legends creature. If you have some friends who don’t play LoL then they’ll definitely be interested to know what they are.

Deal With It – $20

teemo deal with it t-shirt

Some people love Teemo while others hate him, either way you just have to deal with it! This t-shirt is perfect for any fan of Teemo, if you want to let everyone know how big of a Teemo fan you are then you couldn’t pick a better t-shirt. Available from teepublic for only $20 and with a range of colors to choose from, this t-shirt will suit anyone. If you have a friend that plays League of Legends and hates Teemo, then this is the perfect troll t-shirt!

Pocket Poro – $20

pocket poro t-shirt

Since Poros are so popular in the League of Legends community, we thought it was only right to include another Poro t-shirt. This time we’ve picked a cute close up of the loveable creature that you can carry around in your pocket, that’s right, it’s a pocket Poro! With a range of different colors to choose from, you and your friends will love this t-shirt as it will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Ahri Chibi – $20

chibi ahri t-shirt

If you main Ahri or just enjoy looking at her 9 tails, then you’ll love this League of Legends t-shirt. Featuring a cute anime style drawing of her on the front, this t-shirt is a must-have for any Ahri fan. With over 20 different colours to choose from and available in 3 different styles, this t-shirt will look good on anyone! Unleash your inner anime side and pick up with awesome t-shirt for only $20.

Eat Sleep League – $15

eat sleep lol t-shirt

People who don’t play League of Legends often have a problem understanding the day in the life of a LoL player. To make things easy for them to understand, someone decided to make this t-shirt. The t-shirt does an excellent job of explaining your average LoL player’s daily routine and what they do during their day. If you need help explaining what you do to your parents or friends, then this t-shirt should help them understand.

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