League of Legends Voice Actors List: Faces Revealed!

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League of Legends Voice Actors List: Faces Revealed!

There are currently over 137 champions in League of Legends, but have you ever wondered who voices a particular champion? Or maybe you just want to put a face to the voice, well, now you can!

We’ve hand-picked all the popular League of Legends champions and found the voice actors behind them. You won’t believe where some of these voices come from! Some League of Legends voice actors play numerous champions, so if you feel like you’ve heard a voice before, then you probably have. But with Riot constantly reworking champions and making new ones, new voice actors get added to the line up all the time.

For now, we’re going to stick to looking at the classic and most popular League of Legends champions. If you’ve ever wondered who plays Ezreal, then you better prepare yourself for the big reveal!

Here are the voices and faces behind some of the most popular champions in League of Legends today.

League of Legends Voice Actors List

Melissa Hutchison

melissa hutchison ashe

  • Ashe
  • PROJECT: Ashe

The first voice actor on our League of Legends voice actors list is Melissa Hutchison, also known as the League of Legends ashe voice actor. Known for portraying Ashe and PROJECT: Ashe, there’s a good chance you’ve heard her voice plenty of times in game.

Considering Ashe was in the first batch of champions released in 2009, that makes Melissa one of the first ever voices in League of Legends. Little did she know at the time how big and successful the game was going to become! Melissa has also voiced Clementine in The Walking Dead video game which even won her an award.

You can visit her official website over at MelissaHutchison.com to find the latest news on what she’s working on.

Cristina Milizia

Cristina Milizia lol voice actor

  • Nunu
  • Annie
  • Amumu

Next up on our list is Cristina Milizia. If you ever thought Annie and Amumu were voiced by 10-year-olds, then think again. Cristina actually voices both of them and definitely isn’t a 10-year-old. In addition to being the Annie League of Legends voice actor, she also plays Nunu.

Nunu and Annie were both in the first batch of champions released in League of Legends. When casting voice actors back in 2009, it would have made sense to use the same voice actor for a few champions when first starting out. This explains why Cristina’s name appears for many champions in game.

You can visit Cristina’s official website over at CristinaMilizia.com to check out all her past work and even hear some of her cool demos.

Karen Strassman

Karen Strassman voice actor

  • Cassiopeia
  • Fiora
  • Elise
  • Shyvana
  • Zyra

Lending her voice to an impressive 5 League of Legends champions is the exceptionally talented Karen Strassman. Having voiced everyone from Cassiopeia to Fiora, Strassman has an impressive portfolio of voices in game.

All these champions were released after the initial beta launch. It looks like whatever performance Karen put on, Riot loved it and immediately booked her for more. Currently, she holds the record for the number of champions under her name.

In addition to her work in League of Legends, she has also appeared in many Japanese anime shows and other video games.

To keep up to date with what Karen is working on, head on over to KarenStrassman.com to find out the latest news.

Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert ezreal

  • Graves
  • Jarvan IV
  • Ezreal
  • Pulsefire Ezreal

Next up on our League of Legends voice actors list is Kyle Hebert. Known for playing popular champions such as Ezreal and Graves, he’s also appeared in several other video games and TV series including Dragon Ball. We’re sorry if you were expecting some young 20 year old guy to be the voice of Ezreal, if anything, this just goes to show how impressive Kyle’s voice range is!

The first champion Kyle played was Ezreal in March 2010 which was then followed by Jarvan IV and finally Graves. The characters he plays are pretty diverse in terms of character and voice, at least you can finally put a face to Ezreal!

If you want to meet Kyle face to face, then head on over to his website KyleHebert.com to find all the events he will be attending.

Erik Braa

Erik Braa

  • Draven
  • Vel’Koz
  • Jax

When it comes to voicing Draven in League of Legends, there’s clearly only 1 man for the job, Erik Braa! This Viking looking guy is responsible for several voices in League of Legends including Draven, Jax and even Vel’koz. If you’ve ever felt like a badass while playing Draven, then you’re probably challening your inner Erik Braa.

Aside from his work in League of Legends, Erik has also worked on games such as The Walking Dead 400 Days & World of Warcraft Legion.

In 2016 Erik did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit in which he answered questions on everything from his voice to even how he maintains his impressive beard.

To keep up to date with Erik and what he’s working on, check out his website over at erockvo.com

Erin Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald

  • Janna
  • Sona

Next up on our list of League of Legends voice actors is Erin Fitzgerald. Basically the queen of support voices, Erin has voiced 2 support champions that are Janna and Sona. Although we’re not sure if she produced those bangers on DJ Sona or left it to someone else.

In addition to her work in League of Legends, Erin has also appeared in many cartoons and video games as well as providing the English language dubs for lots of Japanese anime. Maybe in the future she’ll be back to voice another support champion? Who knows, but whatever the case we’re glad she was picked to play the voices of Janna and Sona.

To find out more about Erin’s past work and latest projects, be sure to head over to her official website at ErinFitzvo.com

S. Gilbert

S. Gilbert

  • Gragas
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Sion
  • Udyr

Moving onto the next voice actor on our list, J. S. Gilbert has voiced several characters in League of Legends including Gragas, Sion and Dr. Mundo. Known for his wacky voices, he’s definitely won over a lot of players with his memorable performances. How did Riot know he was the right voice for Mundo? Simple. He just sent in that picture of him wearing the hat and it was a match made in heaven.

Gilbert has been working in video games for YEARS and even voiced an NHL hockey player in 1992. In addition to this, he also voiced the character Dank from the original Quake game in 1996. As you can see he’s been in the industry for a long time, but he’s probably never worked on a more successful game than League of Legends.

Brian Sommer

Brian Sommer

  • Tryndamere
  • Willump (Nunu)
  • Warwick

Out of every League of Legends voice actor on our list, Brian is the only one that has 2 jobs. That’s right; he’s only a voice actor in his spare time. In fact, he’s actually a police officer! Imagine being pulled over by the voice of Warwick and Tryndamere on the highway, scary stuff!

Brian has also worked on plenty of other projects aside from League of Legends, including The Walking Dead video game, Sam & Max, Infinite Space and The Wolf Among Us.

To find out more about Brian’s work, head on over to BrianSommer.com

So there you have it, you can finally put a face to all of those League of Legends champions. What did you think? Was it how you imagined them? We bet you had a few surprises along the way. The next time you’re playing your favorite champion, just imagine the voice actor behind the scenes. The chances are they look nothing like what you’re thinking!


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