League of Legends 2018 World Championship Venues Revealed

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League of Legends 2018 World Championship Venues Revealed

The biggest League of Legends event of the year is quickly closing in on us – The League of Legends Worlds Championship. Now that Riot has announced the locations, the hype is building. This year is expected to be bigger than ever – with three-time world cup winners SKT losing to Samsung White last year, can they make a comeback?

They probably can. And although we’d love to see a European or North American team win Worlds this year, our money is on Korea to win it…Again.

The League of Legends World Championship venues have been released later than usual this year due to mishaps with Riot – we’re here to help though.

If you’re scrambling to buy tickets but have no idea in which city you’ll be staying, we can help. No matter whether you’re watching from the comfort of your couch, or are touring around Korea to experience the excitement first hand; We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the LoL worlds 2018 Championship venues!

League of Legends Worlds Play-In Venue: LoL PARK

lol park arena

Dates: October 1-4 and October 6-7

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Date Opened: Yet to be opened

Capacity: 450

Located in South Koreas glorious capital, Seoul, this arena has been in the works for a while, built by Riot themselves. Apparently, it includes professional “locker rooms” For the coaches to rally their players before matches. It’s also built according to traditional sports standards, having players enter through tunnels and stepping onto a central platform. Players will sit on elevated stands all around the stage, giving everyone a perfect view.

According to Riot, they want to focus on comfort over quantity this year. It comes complete with three massive HD screens, chairs with USB charging ports, drink holders, and food trays! But wait, there’s more.

This venue also boats an internet café with a vast collection of games, and a coffee shop named “Bilgewater” after the mythical land in LoL.

Although Riot says less people make for a better experience, we have doubts that this is the main reason. Large arenas cost a large sum of money, and with less players interested in the play-ins, it makes sense to have less room.

League of Legends Group Stage & Quarterfinals Venue: BEXCO

busan lol championship venue

Dates: October 10-17 and October 20-21

Location: Busan, South Korea

Date Opened: 2002

Capacity: 4,002

Although we’d like to see the pros tour the country, it makes sense to have the group stage and quarterfinals in one place. Plus, if you want to watch the LoL Worlds Championship in person, then Busan is the place to go. You’d be able to go and see all the sights during downtime too, without worrying about having to catch flights. Raised stakes means more interest, which is why this stadium can hold over quadruple the number of people than the last. It might interest you to know that this isn’t the first time that this venue’s been used by League of Legends either!

The Quarterfinals have been hosted here once before, back in 2014, and perhaps we’ll see history repeat itself. If you manage to grab a ticket, not only will you be following in the footsteps of those pro players, but international celebrities; Dr. Dre., Elton John and Michael Bolton have all performed here!

League of Legends isn’t the only sport to be involved with BEXCO either, as back in 2002, the FIFA World Cup Group Draw was done here!

League of Legends Semifinals Venue: Gwangju Women’s University Universiade Gymnasium

gwangju lol champiohship arena

Date: October 27-28

Location: Gwangju, South Korea

Date Opened: 2002

Capacity: 8000

We’re getting to the best of the best now, and that means the best arena. Imagine if your Uni was the venue for the League of Legends World Championships. Well, that’s what the ladies at Gwangju Women’s University get to experience.

This Uni’s gymnasium is more than a LoL arena though, as the 2015 Summer Universiade was also held here – now it’s about to see four athletes of a different kind go head to head in the hopes of getting a spot in the finals.

With the stakes ramping up, we guarantee that tickets will sell out fast. If you want to be amongst the thousands of screaming fans, then be sure to pick one up now!

League of Legends Finals: Incheon Munhak Stadium

lol championship munhak stadium

Date: November 3rd

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Date Opened: 2002


Another arena that has been used to host the World Cup in the past. Although, it’s also been used to host the 2005 Asian Athletics Championships and the 2014 Asian Games!

There’s no question that the finals will be as epic as ever, and that’s what matters, who cares where it takes place? Well, lots of people actually.

Many players find it crazy that the League of Legends World finals won’t be hosted in Seoul, but we understand why Riots struggling. Not only did negotiations for the original venue they had in mind fall through, but their plan B also didn’t work out. This resulted in lots of annoyed fans scrambling to book last minute tickets or get time off work.

Riot says they’re hoping to commit to a multi-year roadmap, with cities and venues laid out far in advance. Although this should stop any future mishaps, it won’t quiet the grumbling of LoL players hoping to go to worlds this year.

Don’t let this discourage you though, all it means is that you’ll have to grab your tickets while you can! Tickets are selling out extremely fast though, as you would expect from an event of this scale.

If you’re looking to watch the action in real life, then we hope you manage to get a ticket. If however, you’re stuck at home watching the final in your PJ’s, then why not pick up a smurf account?

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