What Is The Longest League of Legends Game?

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What Is The Longest League of Legends Game?

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for long enough, then you’ve probably encountered a long game. We’re not talking about those 40-minute ones; we’re talking about those SERIOUSLY long games. The ones where you think, this has to end soon, it’s getting boring!

After a mammoth League of Legends game, you probably sit back and think, never again! Well for someone out there, their longest game has just begun.

To answer that burning question in your head we’re taking a look at the longest League of Legends game ever played. Split into solo queue and eSports matches, we’re taking a look at those games that just don’t seem to end. If you thought a 40-minute game was long, then you’ll be glad you didn’t have to sit through these marathons.

The Longest LoL eSports Game

91 minutes

When it comes to the professional eSports scene in League of Legends, matches can often be unpredictable. Sometimes they’re a pub stomp while other times they’re a stalemate. Knowing which type of match it’s going to be can often be tricky within the first few minutes. However, the first blood can usually give a clue as to how fast a game is going to end.

Currently, the eSports match with the record for the longest LoL game is ahq vs Hong Kong Attitude back in 2013. The game was for a qualifying position in the 2014 LNL Winter games and little did the players know they were going to set a might LoL record.

The game itself lasted an impressive 91 minutes and 21 seconds with the first blood coming in just under 8 minutes. For the players and spectators, it seemed like just a normal game until it hit the 30-minute mark. At that point, both teams were almost neck and neck, and the pace really started to slow down. Both teams had great stats but every time one side got a kill the other team would reply instantly with a takedown. By the 1-hour mark Hong Kong Latitude, where starting to creep ahead with more towers and kills but somehow ahq managed to stay in the game. By the end of the game, Hong Kong Latitude had almost double the kills compared to ahq.

If you’re interested in how the game played out then you can watch the full match below. However, if you’re short for time then spoiler alert, ahq wins! You can see just how exhausted and baffled the commentators are, imagine how the players must have been feeling. Probably one of the most difficult points ever in an eSports tournament.

The Longest LoL Solo Queue

pro league of legends player
Now we’ve covered the longest League of Legends eSports game; it’s time to take a look at the longest solo queue game.

When it comes to the longest match in solo queue, the number is almost unbelievable. If you thought 91 minutes was a long match, then prepare to have your mind blown.

According to a recent article by Riot on their Nexus page, one of the longest games in recent times took place on the Oceania region. The game itself lasted 2 hours and 42 minutes which is incredibly long by anyone’s standards. Considering you could fit around 4 normal matches within the same timeframe, it’s a long time to gain a few LP.

Some main highlights of the match include:

  • A gold difference of over 10k between the teams
  • Veigar reaching almost 3000 AP
  • Nidalee telling the enemy team that if they’d focus on pushing the game would end in 15 minutes. 2 hours later and the game was still going! If only they listened to Nidalee…
  • Graves telling everyone “I think this is the longest ranked game I’ve ever seen xD!”. Nearly 2 hours before the game ended.

The second longest solo queue game coming in just behind the Oceania one is a game from the NA region. Although it wasn’t as long as the Oceania game, it still came in at an impressive 1 hour and 56 seconds. Unlike the Oceania game, however, there was a huge 74k gold difference between the teams which meant one of them was clearly dominating. By the end of the match Kindred, one of their ADCs managed to reach an impressive score of 120/12/12.

Now you know what the longest League of Legends game is, the next time you’re in a “long” match you’ll know exactly what record you need to beat.

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