The Most Important Upcoming League of Legends Tournaments

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The Most Important Upcoming League of Legends Tournaments

When it comes to professional League of Legends tournaments, there are plenty of big events that take place every single year. If you’re new to the eSports scene and have never followed professional League of Legends tournaments, then it can be a bit confusing at first.

With so many tournaments to watch, which ones are worth watching and which ones should you skip?

To help you answer this question we’ve rounded up the most important upcoming League of Legends tournaments for 2017. Featuring tournaments such as the World Championships, these events are the ones that fans wait all year to come around.

Be sure to mark these tournaments in your calendar; you definitely won’t want to miss these.

International Wild Card Invitational (IWCI)

iwci tournament

Taking place in mid-April, a few weeks before the Mid-Season Invitational is the International Wild Card Invitational or IWCI. With teams from Brazil, Turkey, Japan and Southeast Asia all competing for first place, you can bet that this tournament is going to be as exciting as it sounds.

The teams will be battling it out to claim that precious qualifying place into the Mid-Season Invitational later on in the year.

Last year this League of Legends tournament took place in Mexico and saw the Turkish team, SuperMassive eSports take first place which earned them a ticket to the Mid-Season Invitational. After fighting off teams from Russia, Vietnam, and Brazil, SuperMassive proved that they had what it takes to represent the international teams at MSI.

This year the same slot is up for grabs and the competition will be fiercer than ever. If you’re hoping for some high-level gameplay and amazing trick shots, then you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to tune in and give this one a watch.

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

msi tournament

After the IWCI comes one of the biggest League of Legends tournaments of the year, the Mid-Season Invitational or MSI. Taking place in May, the tournament will see the top teams from around the world battle it out to claim the top seed for their region.

Whoever gets the top seed automatically gets a qualifying place in the World Championship that will be held later on in the year. With only 4 places up for grabs, teams will be giving it their all to make sure they secure their place at the most prestigious League of Legends tournament of the year.

Last year the tournament took place in China and saw the South Korean team SK Telecom T1 take first place. If history tells us anything it’s that whoever wins this year’s MSI will be a real contender to win Worlds later on in the year.

International Wildcard Qualifiers (IWQ)

iwq tournament

Before the main event of the year can take place, there needs to be an international wildcard qualifier, just like the MSI. Scheduled to take place around August, the International Wildcard Qualifiers or IWQ will see the international teams battle it out for their chance to represent their region at Worlds.

With only 2 slot up for grabs, it can be very intense watching teams give it their all to secure that first place.

Last year the tournament took place in Brazil and saw the Brazilian team INTZ e-Sports and Russian team Albus NoX Luna claim the two spaces up for grabs.

Although there is no indication yet where the event will be held, it’s bound to feature lots of exciting matches with wild and unpredictable outcomes. It might not be the most popular event of the year, but it certainly is the wildest.

World Championship (World Series)

world championship tournament

Taking place in October 2017 is undoubtedly the most popular League of Legends tournament of the year. The World Championship Series or most commonly known as just Worlds, is where the best of the best battle it out to be crowned the best in the world.

Last year SK Telecom T1 won their 3rd Worlds trophy, making them the only team to win Worlds 3 times. This year they’ll be looking to extend their lead and secure their 4th win.

Although the venue for the World Championship has not been announced yet, the event is likely to take place around Asia in countries such as China, Japan or Korea.

If you’re only planning on watching 1 tournament this year, then make sure you don’t miss this!


all star tournament

After the World Championships, have taken place and the best team in the world has been crowned, it’s time to find out who the best player is!

In 2016 the event took place in Barcelona and saw 28 pro players battle it out to be claimed the number 1 League of Legends player. After some tough competition, professional Chinese player Uzi ended up taking the fame and glory.

This year the tournament is to return around December when a fresh new selection of players will commence battle to be crowned number 1. Featuring all your favourite players from Worlds and more, if you want to watch much shorter games that focuses on 1v1 action rather than teamwork, then this is a must watch.

Now you know all the major upcoming League of Legends tournaments, be sure to mark them in your calendar. You definitely won’t want to miss them!

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