Must Have League of Legends Wristbands You Need to Collect

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Must Have League of Legends Wristbands You Need to Collect

League of Legends is a fantastic game full of friends and communities that enjoy playing together. However, to other people, it’s an exciting world full of lore, trivia and collectables. Just like people used to collect Star Wars merchandise back in the day, there are plenty of people that collect League of Legends merchandise. From t-shirts to figures, there are plenty of things to collect, but people often forget about the simplest items.

Wristbands are not only great collectable items, but they are also great to wear and show the world how much of a big LoL fan you are. To help you find the perfect League of Legends wristband to impress your friends, we’ve handpicked our favorites from all over the web. So grab your credit card and prepare to go on a purchasing spree!

Our Favorite League of Legends Wristbands

7 Colorful League of Legends Wristbands

7 colorful rubber wristbands

The first on our list of collectibles are these classic silicone wristbands which are perfect for everyone. Made famous by the Livestrong band back in 2004, there have been thousands of these bands produced for a whole range of reasons, including League of Legends.

With 7 different colors available you can literally wear a new color every day to keep your look fresh! Each band features the League of Legends logo and writing carefully printed onto a colorful background. Not only are they water resistance and durable, but they also look great. 7 might be a bit too many for 1 person so sharing them with your friend is also a great idea.

6 Role Wristbands

6 role wristbands

The next up on our League of Legends wristbands list are these cool role wristbands. Similar to the colorful ones before, these offer much more meaning and personalization. Everyone who plays LoL has their preferred role, whether it’s top, mid, support, jungle or ADC.

These bands are perfect for letting other people know what role you play. Whether you’re going to a gaming convention, League of Legends tournament, or just hanging around with friends. These bands will stop people from asking you the same question over and over again. What role do you play? Do you play ADC? Silence them with these funky wristbands.

Colorful League of Legends Wristband

colorful wristband

For all those non-League of Legends players out there, many will have trouble understanding the different roles and in game terms. If you’re looking for something a bit more obvious to show off to your friends then this wristband is a perfect example.

Featuring a colorful orange outline and a metal-plated logo on the top, this wristband was made for durability. Also available in a blue and gray color, this wristband is perfect for anyone, gamer guys or gamer girls. Not only does it make a great present for die-hard LoL fans, but it also makes a great cosplay item.

Teemo Wristband

teemo wristband

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique than a rubber wristband, then look no further. This handmade wristband with Teemo charm is exactly what you’re looking for. Not only is it made out of durable threaded string, but it also includes a cute little Teemo charm. If you’re a big Teemo fan (like most people are) then this wristband is perfect for you! If you hate Teemo with all of your heart and soul, then you probably know someone who would appreciate this as a gift.

No matter if it’s for you or a friend, these handmade Teemo wristband is a must have collectable.

Ezreal Wristband

ezreal wristband

If you thought the Teemo wristband was cool, then you’ll be blown away by this one! This Ezreal wristband features a black, blue and white color scheme which includes a metal Ezreal charm. Hand platted, the wristband is very unique and is also attention grabbing. Wearing this to a games con or League of Legends tournament will definitely get you noticed!

Even if you’re not a big Ezreal fan then don’t worry, you can still customize the wristband. The seller on Etsy has another page full of League of Legends charms which include Lulu, Ahri, Garen in addition to Teemo and Ezreal.

Now you’ve seen these awesome League of Legends wristbands, what are you waiting for? Collect them all and impress your friends with your stylish collection.

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