NA LCS Season 5 – Everything you Need to Know

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NA LCS Season 5 – Everything you Need to Know

This post is now outdated because most of these rosters are no longer correct. We are now in the season 6 Summer Split which you can read about here: EU Summer Split Preview / NA Summer Split Preview


Click here to view our EU LCS Season 5 Preview Carrying on from our EU LCS Season 5 Preview, today we’ll be taking a look at its North American counterpart – the NA LCS. With 10 teams battling it out to be the best,  can anyone knock TSM off their perch and become the new NA LCS champions?



The NA LCS scene represents teams the NA server (United States and Canada), and contains 10 teams in total. No NA LCS team has ever won the world championships, but some of the highest profile pro players have come out of the NA scene, such as Dyrus, TheOddOne, Doubelift and Reginald. There have been some changes in NA LCS teams from the end of Season 4 to the start of Season 5, although not quite as extreme as the changes we have seen in the EU LCS. Roster changes and re-brands make up the majority, with teams such as EG and LMQ changing to Winterfox and Team Impulse respectively . Let’s take a brief look at what’s changed:



Cloud9 have been absolutley dominant in the NA LCS over the past three splits, with an impressive 67-17 Win/Loss ratio. After reaching the quarter finals at the World Championships two years in a row, they will be hoping to go one stage further this year.

Cloud9 Roster:

  • Top – Balls (USA)
  • Mid – Hai (USA)
  • Jungle – Meteos (USA)
  • ADC – Sneaky (USA)
  • Support – LemonNation (USA)

Counter Logic Gaming 

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) are the old guard of the NA LCS. After crushing all competition in the early years of LCS play, CLG have failed to win a major tournament in some time. Always a step behind Cloud9 and TSM, they will hope this is the year that they show their true potential and challenge for the LCS title.

CLG Roster:

  • Top – ZionSpartan (Canada)
  • Mid – LiNk (USA)
  • Jungle – Xmithie (Philippines)
  • ADC – Doublelift (USA)
  • Support – Aphromoo (USA)


Previously playing under the “Curse Academy” brand, Gravity had several unsuccessful splits in the Challenger/Promotion series. After picking up Cop from Curse, Gravity breezed through the Expansion tournament, facing little competition. With ex-pros Cop and now Saintvicious on board, Gravity will be hoping to make a splash this split and make a name for themselves.

Gravity Roster:

  • Top – Hauntzer (USA)
  • Mid – Keane (Korea)
  • Jungle – Saintvicious (USA)
  • ADC – Cop (USA)
  • Support – Bunny FuFuu (USA)

Team 8

The Season 5 spring split will be Team 8’s first venture in to the LCS, having previously played in the NA Challenger Series. After beating compLexity Gaming in their promotion series, Team 8 will be hoping they can transfer their lane dominance from the Challenger Series to the LCS.

Team 8 Roster:

  • Top – CaliTrlolz (Korea)
  • Mid – Slooshi (USA)
  • Jungle – Porpoise (Canada)
  • ADC – maplestreet8 (Canada)
  • Support – Dodo8 (Korea)

Team Coast 

After finishing in second place in the Season 3 NA LCS Spring Split, Team Coast had a dramatic fall in the summer split and ended up battling in the relegation series. In the Season 4 spring split, Coast lost their relegation series to compLexity, falling in to the Challenger Series.  Now that they’re back in the LCS, can Team Coast regain their former glory and push for a top 2 finish?

Team Coast Roster:

  • Top – Cris (Mexico)
  • Mid – Jesiz (Denmark)
  • Jungle – Impaler (UK)
  • ADC – Mash (Canada)
  • Support – Sheep (Canada)

Team Dignitas

Dignitas are historically one of the most consistent pro teams in League of Legends, but as of late have been unable to battle their way to top rankings. Their recent poor showings have left many questioning whether they have what it takes to compete on the world stage at this level – can they prove the doubters wrong?

Dignitas Roster:

  • Top – Gamsu (Korea)
  • Mid – Shiphtur (Mid)
  • Jungle – Crumbzz (Venezuela)
  • ADC – Core JJ (Korea)
  • Support – KiWiKiD (USA)

Team Impulse

Previously known as LMQ, Team Impulse underwent a rebrand and roster change, focusing around XiaoWeiXiao, their dominant mid laner. Team Impulse’s roster includes Adrian, the first ever recipient of a League of Legends sports scholarship. With such a huge array of talent on show, analysts and fans alike expect big things from Team Impulse this split.

Team Impulse Roster:

  • Top – Impact (Korea)
  • Mid – XiaoWeiXiao (China)
  • Jungle – Rush (Korea)
  • ADC – Apollo (USA)
  • Support – Adrian (Support)

Team Liquid

Previously playing under the “Curse” brand, Team Liquid have a history of always finishing in 4th place in every split. With a strong lineup including ex-World Champion ADC Piglet and the excellent “Xpecial” in support, Team Liquid will be hoping to finally finish in the top 3 this split.

Team Liquid Roster:

  • Top – Quas (Venezuela)
  • Mid – FeniX (Korea)
  • Jungle – IWillDominate (USA)
  • ADC – Piglet (Korea)
  • Support – Xpecial (USA)

Team Solomid

Team Solomid (TSM) will be hoping to continue their strong Season 4 form in to the Season 5 LCS. After finishing second in the Season 4 spring split and first in the summer split, TSM will be hoping for a repeat in winning the Season 5 spring split. However, poor results at IEM Cologne leave some fans questioning the teams abilities.

TSM Roster:

  • Top – Dyrus (USA)
  • Mid – Bjergsen (Denmark)
  • Jungle – Santorin (Denmark)
  • ADC – WildTurtle (Canada)
  • Support – Lustboy (Korea)


Previously playing under the Evil Geniuses brand when they moved from the EU to NA LCS, Winterfox underwent a rebrand due to sponsorship issues. Winterfox retains none of the original Evil Geniuses members, so are an unknown quantity. Can they perform as well as expected, or will a lack of team cohesion let them down?

Winterfox Roster:

  • Top – Avalon (Korea)
  • Mid – Pobelter (USA)
  • Jungle – Helios (Korea)
  • ADC – Altec (Canada)
  • Support – Imagine (Korea)

With our overviews of both the EU LCS and NA LCS now completed for Season 5, who do you think will win each spring split? Can TSM continue their NA dominance, or will someone else come to fill their shoes?

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