NA LCS Season 6 Summer Preview

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NA LCS Season 6 Summer Preview

With the recent finish to MSI (Mid-Season Invitational), Counter Logic Gaming shows promise finishing in 2nd place. The first place team of the summer split will automatically qualify for Worlds as the first seed from the NA which means there is a lot up for grabs. From looking at the results from the spring playoffs Counter Logic Gaming is the favourite here finishing in 1st place as well as 2nd at the most recent MSI event. This NA LCS summer split should be an exciting display of skill with CLG, TSM, Immortals and Team Liquid all fighting it out for the top spot. The main LCS competitions based on geographic regions are as follows:

  • EU LCS (East and West Europe)
  • NA LCS (North America)
  • Champions Korea (South Korea)
  • LPL China
  • LM Taiwan

In this case we’ll be looking at the teams for the upcoming NA LCS Summer split. If you’re a European then look no further than here to read about the preview for your split.

NA LCS Summer Preview

Before we consider the teams for the NA LCS It’s important to remind you that the format will be changing for the summer split. The games are now going to be a best of three format, which means each team will play each other 6 times maximum across the split in two BO3 matches. You can read more about this change here.

Cloud 9

With a recent switch up in their main roster Cloud 9 have recently moved Balls, Rush and Hai to their subs while replacing them with newcomer Impact, returner Meteos and support main Bunny FuFuu. In addition to this Cloud9 have also brought in Reapered as their head coach and Kubz as their assistant coach. While a below average performance at the spring playoffs put them in 5th place Cloud 9 will be looking to up their game at summer LCS with their major team shake-up.

  • Top – Impact (South Korea)
  • Jungle – Meteos (USA)
  • Mid – Jensen (Denmark)
  • ADC – Sneaky (USA)
  • Support – Bunny FuFuu (USA)

Counter Logic Gaming

Hot off their 1st place win at LCS spring and 2nd place at MSI, Counter Logic Gaming are a strong favourite for this year’s summer LCS. With no changes to their roster CLG will be hoping to replicate their success. With a bit of intense practice it’s highly likely that CLG could show a strong performance at the summer LCS.

  • Top – Darshan (USA)
  • Jungle – Xmithie (Philippines)
  • Mid – HuHi (South Korea)
  • ADC – Stixxay (USA)
  • Support – Aphromoo (USA)

Echo Fox

Echo Fox are one of the newest teams in the LCS that was founded in December last year are preparing for their first LCS summer split. After getting in some trouble for not being able to submit an eligible roster in January this year Echo Fox gained some temporary subs to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Finishing a disappointing 7th place in the LCS spring split Echo Fox will be looking to show they can be a force to be reckoned with at the LCS summer split.

  • Top – kfo (South Korea)
  • Jungle – Hard (Canada)
  • Mid – Froggen (Denmark)
  • ADC – Keith (USA)
  • Support – Big (USA)


Featuring ex TSM ADC WildTurtle and world class top laner Huni Immortals had a good performance at the spring LCS finishing in 1st place. Unfortunately there performance wasn’t as good in the playoffs and they had to settle for 3rd place. Based on their previous performance Immortals are a strong team going into the summer LCS and are expected to be placing in the top 3.

  • Top – Huni (South Korea)
  • Jungle – Reignover (South Korea)
  • Mid – Pobelter (USA)
  • ADC – WildTurtle (Canada)
  • Support – Adrian (USA)


Team EnVyUs entered the NA LCS this year after the spring split team Renegades were forced to sell their LCS spot after Riot Games banned the organization. The team had allegedly endangered the player welfare and safety as well as violated a competitive ban against owner Chris Badawi. The deal allegedly cost more than $1 million after the EnVyUs organisation came into some money. They should make a formidable addition to the LCS after already having a strong presence in other eSports. We’re unsure on what roster they will go with but it’s clear that Crumbzz will not be a part of it after he announced he was now looking for a new team.

NRG eSports

Another new team that will be playing their first summer LCS this year after finishing 5th in the LCS spring playoffs. With a minor change to their roster replacing former ADC Impact with Ohq, NRG are hoping a new ADC will improve their performance at summer LCS.

  • Top – Quas (Venezuela)
  • Jungle – Santorin (Denmark)
  • Mid – GBM (South Korea)
  • ADC – Ohq (South Korea)
  • Support – KiWiKiD (USA)

Apex Gaming

After finishing an impressive 1st place in both the NACS spring split and NACS playoffs, Apex Gaming are looking like a strong team heading into the summer LCS. On the 2nd May their Jungler Eve, was suspended from the team indefinitely for disciplinary reasons. Although there is no indication if he will still be included in the roster for the summer LCS this might cause issues for Apex Gaming later on.

  • Top – Cris (USA)
  • Jungle – Eve (South Korea)
  • Mid – Keane (South Korea)
  • ADC – Police (South Korea)
  • Support – Xpecial (USA)

Team Impulse

Finishing in a disappointing 9th place in the Spring LCS, Team Impulse really have a lot to prove to fans in the upcoming tournament. Although there have been no changes to the roster from their Spring LCS disaster, hopefully some new strategies and tactics will stop them from finishing in 9th place again.

  • Top – Feng (China)
  • Jungle – Procxin (South Korea)
  • Mid – Pirean (South Korea)
  • ADC – Mash (Canada)
  • Support – Gate (USA)

Team Liquid

After a good performance in the Spring LCS, Team Liquid are looking to finish in the top 3 this time. With no changes at all to their roster, Team Liquid will be competing with their same LCS Spring team which managed to get them 4th place… again.

  • Top – Lourlo (USA)
  • Jungle – Dardoch (USA)
  • Mid – FeniX (South Korea)
  • ADC – Piglet (South Korea)
  • Support – Matt (USA)

Team Solo Mid
With the recent loss of YellOwStaR, returning back to Europe’s Fnatic, their new support Biofrost will be looking to fill his place. Finishing 2nd in the LCS Spring playoffs, TSM are a strong contender going into the summer LCS and will be a favourite to look out for. Whether they can make it back to the World Championships for another time remains to be seen.

  • Top – Hauntzer (USA)
  • Jungle – Svenskeren (Denmark)
  • Mid – Bjergsen (Denmark)
  • ADC – Doublelift (USA)
  • Support – Biofrost (China)

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