The Risks of Buying an Unranked LoL Account

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The Risks of Buying an Unranked LoL Account

The Official Riot Stance

“The League of Legend account is personally supplied to you by Riot Games and the company does not recognize and forbids user accounts transfers. Individuals are advised not to sell, purchase, and trade or send any account as a gift. Any distribution of account or making any related offer might result to termination of account except otherwise on certain situations that are approved by the Riot Games.”

This sounds really clear and simple and this means that an acquired account can suffer the danger of being terminated not to mention the scams that you may encounter before even achieving the point of ownership. If this is the case, some would wonder why the League of Legend account market remains vast then. Currently, individuals can find account sellers offering unranked League of Legend account and more.

These sellers are found everywhere starting on game clients, designated chat rooms and internet auctions, marketplace forums or even website ( for example) that are dedicated to sell unranked accounts.

The Risk of Buying a League of Legend Account

taking risk


You might be searching for League of Legend account offers on larger online auction sites however; you need to be very careful on this pursuit. There are sellers and offers that try to cheat the system and will just invent pretty ways that will just be for their own financial and personal gain. Tricky selling in auction sites can be one of the risks of buying unranked League of Legend account.

It is therefore important to secure safe transactions so both parties, the sellers and the buyers will be both genuinely benefited. Scam is also another risk of purchasing unranked League of Legend account. It is highly essential to purchase or place orders of Unranked League of Legend account on reliable and trusted sites or stores offering accounts on fair price. An ideal site guarantees professional and friendly support with lifetime account warranty and instant delivery.

There are more other risks associated with buying Unranked League of Legend account and these include issues on quality, tricky pricing, issues on authenticity and more. Individuals must be aware of these risks and try to purchase smartly to avoid encountering these unwanted dangers when purchasing account. There are fresh and new unranked accounts available for sale and you need to be mindful and aware to minimize risks.

League of Legends is one of the most interesting, competitive and fast-paced online game faced by millions of individuals all over the world today. Many gamers spend longer hours online to compete and enjoy this game at the same time. This online game enables players to develop battling techniques and enhance their strategic thinking. This is one of the many reasons why many are creating and even purchasing their League of Legend accounts. The unique play style and design of this game are added features that would lure many gamers to play and have fun while developing their battlefield fighting skills.

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