League of Legends Ranked Placement Season 8

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League of Legends Ranked Placement Season 8

It’s that time of the year again when everyone loses their rank and gets reset back to unranked. As the new year, new me motto kicks in, players are eager to dive into ranked and secure their Gold place. This time of the year is actually the hardest to rank up as Platinum and Bronze players get thrown into the same matches to battle it out. In these games, 1 player can make all the difference between winning and getting rekt.

To make sure you perform your best during your placement matches, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you dominate your opponents. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself winning all of your placement matches.

How Placement Matches Work

So before we start giving you tips, what exactly are placement matches and how do they work?

Once a season has finished, player’s rankings get reset back to unranked before the new season starts. This means players lose their current division ranking and go back to just being a regular unranked nobody. To get placed into a ranked tier, players must complete their 10 placement matches to determine which division they are placed in.

These placement matches are the first 10 ranked games a player will play in the current season. In addition to these 10 games, a players ratings from the previous seasons and the preseason are also taken into account. If a player has never played ranked before then your placement matches will be your only ranking factor. This means, don’t expect to be placed in Gold after those 10 matches, the chances are the system will need more info to determine your rank.

After completing these 10 matches a player will be presented with their starting rank for the new season. The maximum tier you can get placed in after your first 10 games is Platinum I. So, for those thinking you can get to Diamond after only 10 games, think again!

How to Own Your Placement Matches

winning a placement match

Now you understand how the placement matches work, how can you put the odds in your favor so you’re even more likely to win?

Well, first of all, there is some bad news.

The bad news is due to it being the start of the season most matches and teams will be incredibly unbalanced. As every player from Bronze to Challenger will be unranked, there is a high chance you will be paired with enemies who are significantly better than you. Not to even mention the various smurf accounts players are probably playing. But don’t let this put you off.

There is also a high chance your enemies team will be full of incompetent noobs. This means an easy win for you!

When playing your placement matches it’s best to play for yourself as if you’re the only person on the team. By having low expectations of your teammates, you will focus on doing everything yourself and making sure you win.

After all, would you trust a Bronze player to secure the dragon when you can do it yourself?

What Champions Should You Play?

league of legends champions ranked

In the early games of your placement matches, it’s best to play offensive champions that can have a huge impact on the game. These offensive champions will deal a lot of damage and will be great at killing enemies. This is exactly what you need if you want to dominate your placement games. To give you an idea of some offensive champions to play, take a look at these:

  • Katarina
  • Ahri
  • Vayne
  • Orianna
  • Ezreal
  • Twitch

Depending on which lane you play will depend on the best champion to pick, but try to pick someone with good dueling ability and high damage output. After all, if it’s likely that you are going to be the best player on your team you don’t want to be playing a support or defensive champion. You won’t be able to make any game-changing plays!

By picking highly mobile and offensive champions, you’ll be able to roam the Rift picking up kills and gold that will bring you one step closer to winning.

Don’t Argue With Trolls

league of legends graves troll

Let’s face it; trolls are everywhere in League of Legends, and there are even more of them in the lower divisions. When playing your placement matches there’s a high chance you’ll run into 1 or 2 along the way. But what exactly can you do about them? How can you deal with them to make sure you win?

The last thing you want to do is argue with a troll. If they’re stealing kills, minions or your buffs, then you don’t want them to affect your gameplay. After all, it’s better to focus on playing the game instead of standing there and talking back and forth. Giving in to a troll might sound like a bad thing, but your goal is to win as many of your 10 placement matches as possible. If this increases your chance of winning, then do it. No matter if it means sucking up to someone for the next 40 minutes.

Know Who to Ban

banned lol champions

When playing at lower divisions, it is vital you understand which champions to ban. Unlike the higher divisions where players are much more rounded players, in lower divisions players, will tend to pick champions with a lower skill cap.

This means in lower divisions players will be looking to pick the easiest yet most deadly champions. Think of Darius, Vayne and Blitzcrank for example. None of them have that many complicated abilities, yet they still all do a lot of damage.

By understanding which champions players are likely to pick you can take advantage of this and ban them. This means they will be forced to pick another champion which they haven’t played or aren’t as confident on. This gives you a huge advantage.

A good list of the best champions to ban for each division can be found over at nerfplz.com.

What Happens If It Goes Wrong

losing placement match

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you don’t always get the results you wanted. Occasionally the bad results are down to yourself and sometimes they are down to other uncontrollable factors like other players. Whatever the reason, the results are in and there’s nothing you can do. Or is there?

If you end up being placed in a medium tier division such as Silver or Gold, then you have a pretty good chance of progressing to the next tier with hard work. On the other hand, if you get placed in Bronze then it’s not worth the effort to get out. Also known as “elo hell” Silver and Bronze tiers are notoriously hard to get out of due to terrible players who regularly go AFK and feed.

If you want to give your ranked placement matches another shot without having to level up another account, then you can. Simply purchase one of our unranked smurf accounts and try your placement matches again. Not only will it save you lots of time trying to crawl out of Bronze league but it will also give you a fresh start.

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