Skills learned from League of Legends

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Skills learned from League of Legends

Most people see video games as a relaxation tool for entertainment purposes. A lucky few have managed to make a career out of playing video games and evidence has shown people suffering from mental health issues have seen improvements from video games. Unfortunately not everyone shares this opinion and you’ve probably heard that video games can make you violent, angry, lazy, depressed, a failure and they’ve even been blamed for terrorism. It’s time to dispel the myth that video games are bad for you and start to look at the good that comes from playing video games. It’s time to consider what useful skills you can learn from League of Legends.

Skills learned from League of Legends

We believe that League of Legends is a fantastic game to learn valuable skills for life. A recent study found that children that grow up around video games are more likely to perform better academically and were less likely to display aggression. Interestingly it also found that those who played for less than an hour a day were less likely to have problems such as aggression than those who did not play at all. We think video games have an unfair negative reputation and to prove it here’s a list of 5 beneficial skills you can learn by playing League of Legends.

#1 Communication – Teamwork and Building Relationships


League of Legends isn’t a video game known for it’s friendly community but the nature of the game forces you to work together as a team. This means that you’re going to learn important life skills about working with difficult people to get things done. In the real world not everyone is going to agree with every suggestion you have and this can be frustrating, similar to those Baron calls on League of Legends. You’ll struggle to work with everyone and you’re going to have confrontations. When you have a job you’ll have to work as part of a team and you’ll have to create relationships with people you’ve never met – and even people you don’t like. League of Legends teaches you this skill by placing you into a game with 4 random people and expects you to work together to beat the enemy team.

Another fantastic skill learned from League of Legends is how to talk to people around the world. The internet has made Earth feel like a small world and you’ll probably work with people from more than just your home country. League helps you make friends with people from a different culture who speak a different language. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with them and ask them personal questions such as how their day was or questions about their home country. This can help you understand their viewpoints and improve your tolerance and acceptance of other people, a vital skill in our multicultural societies.

#2 Self-control – How to Deal with Disappointment

You can’t win every League of Legends game just like you can’t have everything go your way in life. Getting irrationally angry when a team fight goes against your team (also known as tilt) will cost you the game (and potentially future games too). If you learn to accept that sometimes you’ll lose then you’ll find yourself a lot happier in the real world too. Disappointment is often related to anger which can eventually lead to flaming or threats. In the real world this could spiral out of control and in extreme cases lead to you looking at a prison sentence. Anger must be controlled and video games such as League of Legends will certainly teach you control, similar to how commonly played sports are used to teach people self-control. Of course we aren’t suggesting League of Legends should be used as an anger management class, but if you record your messages and read them back then you might change the way you speak and think.

#3 Criticism – How to React to Criticism


No matter how sheltered of an upbringing you’ve had you are going to have to get used to people criticising you at some point in your life. People will judge you for the way you speak and the way you dress. They’ll judge you for your actions and at work. While some people like to keep their judgement to themselves others will use their judgement to criticise you and the way you react is important. I understand that not all criticism or fair or constructive, but you have to at least give the comment some thought before you completely ignore their advice.

Your reaction to criticism is going to shape the way people look at you throughout life and it’s important that you remain in control of your emotions. If you simply ignore criticism without considering the persons viewpoint then you’ll never improve at anything. One of the skills learned from League of Legends is how to accept blame. You can blindly blame your League of Legends team mates or ignore your friends opinions on your opera voice but you’ll not improve if you don’t listen to the criticism. Free advice is hard to get and even though you might not agree with the way it’s given to you: it’s still worth considering if that person that blamed you for the loss of that League of Legends game might have had a point.

#4 Patience – Rewards from Practice and Hard Work

The quote practice makes perfect is widely used because it’s true. When we learn a new skill (or champion in League of Legends) we are literally changing the way our brain works. We are improving neurological connections or even creating completely new ones. Repeating the same task over and over will help the brain optimize for any future activities through a process known as myelination. We understand not everyone has a science degree so we’ll explain this simply: Myelination basically increases the speed and strength of the signal making you better at that specific task.

The grind from Bronze V to Diamond V in League of Legends requires you to get over 2000 LP and pass 20 promotion series. This takes a long time and you’ll face some setbacks along the way. The feeling of euphoria (or relief) when you finally get to your desired rank is the reward for all the hard work and practice you put in to get there. This is patience and desire to work hard to achieve your goals is a great skill to have for life. You won’t move up through the company or instantly learn a language in the real world. You’ll need commitment, patience and hard work all of which are skills that can be learned from League of Legends.

#5 Urgency – Completing Tasks under Pressure


In life you’ll rarely have to complete a task without being pressured by external factors. It could be a deadline, an event or even a strong dislike for your co-workers and management. Learning to work under pressure is an extremely valuable skill and there’s nothing quite like the pressure of a team fight at 50 minutes in a 2-2 promotion series. You know that if you make a mistake then you’re going to lose the promotion series and throw away the hard work in your previous two wins. Learning to cope under a stressful situation is a vital skill if you want to function in the busy and modern world. Thankfully coping under pressure and stress is a skill League of Legends is exceptionally good at teaching.

Final Word

Not everyone is going to agree that playing video games can teach you valuable skills. I’m sure that some people are going to link examples of flaming and suggest that the League of Legends community isn’t a good example of self-control and teamwork but I think this is unfair.

The points in the article above are about self-improvement and the way the community acts doesn’t invalidate any of the skills that League of Legends can teach you. Concentrating on what other people do or how they act defeats the purpose of this article. If everyone started to focus on their own actions and accept criticism as well as communicate effectively with the team then League of Legends would be a much more enjoyable experience and the future of the world would look like a much a better place.

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