The Best League of Legends Champions For Experienced Players

By LoL Smurfs


The Best League of Legends Champions For Experienced Players

You can find plenty of posts recommending Champions for newbies, but there are hardly any for experienced players. It’s not that Diamond players can’t carry as Annie, but some Champions have a skill ceiling so high that they only shine in the hands of a pro.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 1 Champion each role. There are of course other Champions for experienced players, but these 5 truly stand out in the current meta.


lol experienced champion camille

Kicking things off in the top lane, we have Camille. Most teams want a split pusher or a bruiser up in the top lane – sometimes even both! And while Camille isn’t the tankiest of top laners, she can outduel almost anyone in the late game; which is to be expected from someone who can run on sword legs faster than we can in running shoes.

On the surface, Camille might seem quite simple, but there is a lot of hidden complexity to her kit. Although, we’re sad to say that many players never discover this complexity.

We’re here to help you with that though!

Practice is the first and most important thing we recommend. That probably sounds a bit cheap, right? But seriously, experimenting with Camille’s combos is the best way to dominate as her. Make sure you know her E + W combo like that back of your hand. If you can get the combo just right, you’ll be able to stun and lead straight into your ultimate.

Keep your lane match up in mind too. Camille isn’t the best against the likes of Kennen or Olaf, but if you clear out enemy wards and ask for ganks, you’ll be snowballing in no time!

Two final tips for Camille; engage when your passive shield is up. Players often underestimate the shield, and It can ruin many a top laners day.

And, finally, work on autoattack cancelling with your Q. A split second can win or lose an hour long match. Keep these tips in mind and get plenty of practice, and your lane opponent won’t have a leg to stand on!


lol experienced champion ekko

For a time, Ekko could be found taking down enemies in the mid lane. These days, the Jungle is Ekko’s new home, and his popularity has gone through the roof.

In the Jungle, you’ll want to build a bit of tankiness on Ekko, or at least, enough tankiness to clear camps. If you’re playing Ekko in the mid lane then of course you’re free to focus on damage. Don’t let this give the impression that Jungle Ekko is just a damage sponge though; he can still run rings around enemies.


experienced champion for lol players akali

This deadly assassin is in fashion right now, and for good reason! You may have started to notice a pattern here;

The best League of Legends Champions for experienced players tend to have complex kits, and Akali is no exception. To truly master the Rogue Assassin, you need to know how enemies think. What do most people expect an Akali to do when she drops a Twilight Shroud? Chances are she’s looking to engage or to escape a fight, but using that assumption against enemies can lead to some big plays.

There’s a natural fluidity that the best Akali players have, dipping in and out of combat, moving from target to target. Riot really captures the feel of what it means to be a ninja, so why not try her out?

With enough patience, you too can leave your enemies raging at a gray screen. Don’t worry if you don’t feel experienced enough to play Akali though. There are plenty of ways to improve at LoL!


experienced lol champion aphelios

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Aphelios on this list – after all, he’s one of Riots most complicated Champions to date. With so many different types of guns, it’s a real surprise that he doesn’t have a gun that shoots guns! And, if you’re new to Aphelios, he can seem genuinely intimidating.

Stick with him though, and learn what each of his skills does. Watch gameplay videos, read guides, and then hit the rift and experience him for yourself. At first he will feel clunky, but keep at it until you have his mechanical skills down.

Trust us, if you’re an experienced ADC who wants to push themselves, Aphelios is the Champion for you.


experienced lol champion thresh

Ah Thresh. For the longest time we didn’t play this Champion because he seemed “cheap.” This was an excuse of course. In reality, we were scared of how many flashy plays Thresh mains were pulling off. We were worried that we weren’t experienced enough to perform the plays ourselves.

Instead of trying him out, we stuck to the likes of Sona and Blitz, because they were simple. They were safe.

After taking the Chain Warden for a whirl, however, we wish we’d tried him sooner. As far as Supports go, Thresh is the best at singlehandedly winning a game. A bold claim, but it’s how we feel.

Why is Thresh so good though? Well, with expert positioning he can save allies from otherwise guaranteed deaths.

“Pffff, Janna can do that though.” I hear you say, and while that’s true, Thresh can also pull enemies in for an almost guaranteed kill. Give him a try in your next couple of games, you’ll be hooked.

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