Should Tyler1 Really Be A Part Of Riot?

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Should Tyler1 Really Be A Part Of Riot?

By now, the Controversial news that League of Legends streamer Tyler1 appeared on the analyst desk is common knowledge. This isn’t unusual, Riot has had such guest stars as Doublelift on their analyst desks before, so why is the community so divided? Well, there are a few reasons, and we’re going to take an in-depth look at them below!

His History With League of Legends

tyler1 raging
It’s no secret that Tyler1 hasn’t had the best attitude, and that’s putting it mildly; it’s an objective fact that he’s been an atrociously toxic person in the past; According to Riot, only 0.006 percent of players are negative enough to ever be permabanned just once – Tyler one has over 20 banned accounts. Not only that, but Riot also swore to ban any account that they could prove he’d played on. This completely ruined his Twitch career.

Riots post explaining the ID ban received almost 6 thousand downvotes, but they stuck to their guns (for a while anyway) and declared Tyler1 a “genuine jerk.” The reasons they gave for the ban included “Verbal harassment and unsportsmanlike conduct” but although true, the outcry continued.

Riot overturned Tyler’s ban 18 months later, after claiming he’d reformed. Although he hasn’t been banned since we’re still skeptical about Riots decision to have him on the analyst desk.

Why Did Riot Invite Him On The Analyst Desk?

This one has got a few people scratching their heads, the obvious answer is that they’re worried that their numbers are dwindling; And it’s true, Tyler1 was an unexpected change. That said, if you ask us it comes down to Riots recent scandals.

Several employees leaked information that Riot had an issue with bro culture and that many females were often degraded by other employees; In an attempt to combat sexism against women, they became sexist against men, in effect barring 85% of their player base from a PAX event. Needless to say, this has infuriated the LoL player base, and instead of apologizing, the company doubled down. Several employees accused players who were against this sexist act as being “man babies.” Two employees have also been fired for disagreeing with the companies decision on Twitter.

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of how Riot got mixed up in so much controversy. The logical move in this position would be to stay away from decisions that will divide the community for a while – of course, they didn’t do that, they brought Tyler1 onto the analyst desk – which was probably the worst move. (Although we agree that adding a player was a good decision, there were far better choices to represent the community.)

Why Tyler1 Should Not Have Been On The Analyst Desk

We don’t hate Tyler1, and this is not an attack on him – however, we do feel as though he was one of the worst picks for a number of reasons.

His Toxic Past

He may have reformed now, but the fact still stands that he’s been ridiculously negative in the past – if a man robs a couple of banks, you don’t put him on display as a shining example of law enforcement. This analogy might seem extreme, but it’s what Riot is doing.

The Finals of the NA LCS are a big deal, and having Tyler1 on a professional team of analysists sends a message; “You can be toxic and still succeed.” And, Riot insulted him and then banned him – having him appear in such an important position makes it look like they were mistaken.

Plus, the League of Legends community is known to be toxic – this won’t help its reputation.

Tyler1 Is An Entertainer

We’re not saying you have to be an analyst to be on the analyst desk, but previous guests have generally been pros. It somewhat devalues other players who might have been a better choice too, and who wouldn’t have angered players in the League community. For example, Hashinshin has proven how good a player he is, and definitely deserved this spot. The other analysts seemed to be talking to each other far more than they were to Tyler. In fact, some people commented that he seemed green-screened in, as people weren’t really looking at him – of course, we don’t want to assume what was going on in the minds of the analysts, we did feel a bit bad for him.

Then again, many people did find him entertaining. However, this is one of the biggest competitive League of Legends events of the year, and many people believe he’s made a mockery of it. Oh, and he also plugged his merch store during it, which could be viewed as tasteless.

Will He Be Back In The Future?

tyler1 analyst
Possibly, although usually, guests don’t make reappearances. Then again, Tyler1 went from being banned on sight to appearing on the analyst desk in the course of about 2 years – If he can accomplish that, we might seem him become the CEO of Riot in another 2 years time.

He’s definitely been the guest that’s brought in the most viewers, so it’s possible he’ll be back; We suppose it could be argued that Riot bringing him on shows their willingness to forgive – and since he is a massive League of Legends streamer, maybe it’s all for the best, though we have our doubts.

The community continues to be very divided over this, and although Tyler1 has improved, he’s by no means a rage free player – although, it’s still publicity. What do you think, is he actually reformed and should he have been allowed on? Or, is he an angry man who loves insulting his team and who will never change?

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