Ultimate League of Legends Guide List

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Ultimate League of Legends Guide List

Ultimate League of Legends Guide List

Let’s face it, if you want to become better at League of Legends then you need to read guides.

Not only do guides teach you about League of Legends in general, but they can also give you in-depth strategies and item builds for specific champions.

There are literally thousands of League of Legends guides out there with new ones being made every single day. With a variety of authors from Bronze tier to professional players, which League of Legends guides should you be paying attention too?

To help you take your game to the next level, we went on the hunt for the ultimate League of Legends guides. After trawling through hundreds of different websites we found the best resources any League of Legends player will ever need.

If you’re determined to reach Diamond tier by the end of the season, then these website will help you tremendously.

Before You Begin

Before you jump into reading the guides, there are several things you should look out for. Not all guides are made the same, and some are considerably better than others. Instead of wasting your time reading every guide out there, it’s important to look at the good ones. Here’s what you need to look out for.

Who’s the Author


The first thing you should check before reading a guide is who is the author and why should you listen to them? Many websites will link the author’s name to their League of Legends account which is a very useful feature. This allows you to view their past performance, rank and general experience.

The first thing to check is what rank are they? Be honest, would you rather read a guide by someone in Bronze tier or someone in Diamond or higher? Most likely you’d read the Diamond tier guide. If someone has played a champion and managed to get to Diamond using that strategy, then the chances are you can do the same too!

Some websites even include guides written by professional players who compete regularly in eSports competitions. If you want an insight into how professional players think and play in game then these are definitely worth a read.

Last Updated

lol patch

Another crucial thing to check before reading is the last time it was updated. Most guides are only relevant for the certain patch or date they are uploaded. If you’re reading a guide that is 2 patches old then the chances are it is most likely out of date and not viable.

The most efficient tactic available (META) changes every patch and if you’re not up to date with the changes or new additions then you’re less likely to win. Most guides on websites can easily be arranged by their patch number or when they were last updated.

Before reading a guide always check when it was last updated and if it is still relevant to the patch you’re on.


feedback rating

Almost every League of Legends guide website has some sort of comment or voting feature. This allows readers to comment and vote on guides if they have any questions or problems related to it. This type of feedback system is great for choosing which guide to read.

If lots of people like a guide then they will naturally upvote it, on the other hand, if it’s not viable or well written then it will be voted down. The comment section is also a great way for readers to ask the author comments about the guide. If something doesn’t make sense or needs improving, then it’s the best way to contact them.

Before you commit to reading a huge 5000-word guide, it’s always best to check the comments and vote score to see if it’s really worth your time.

Now you know what to check before reading a guide here’s a list of the best websites to find League of Legends guides.

Champion Specific Guides

champion guides

  • LoLKing.net
    • One of the most popular League of Legends guide websites, LoLKing has plenty of fresh guides which are updated daily.
  • MOBAFire.com
    • Full of plenty of detailed guides including item builds, skill order and masteries, MOBAFire is one of the top websites to find high-quality League of Legends guides.
  • Cloud9.gg
    • A popular eSports team from North America, Cloud9 has published several guides on their website that have been written by professional gamers.
  • LeagueCraft.com
    • A website dedicated to theory discussion and tactics, LeagueCraft has plenty of unique champion guides for you to enjoy.
  • LoLClass.com
    • Unlike other guide websites, LoLClass has plenty of champion video guides from a range of different players including some professional.
  • SoloMid.net
    • One of the most popular teams from the NA region, SoloMid has plenty of unique champion guides that can only be found on their website.
  • ProBuilds.net
    • If you’re looking for a viable item build for your favourite champion then ProBuilds is the place to go. With thousands of new data compiled every day, ProBuilds has plenty of individual item builds.
  • ProGuides.com
    • If you’re looking for high-quality guides, then ProGuides is a great Although their guides are not free, they offer lots of in-depth strategies and item builds for every champion.
  • Skill-Capped.com
    • Similar to ProGuides, Skill-Capped brings detailed video analysis to every player to help them improve their game.

General League of Legends Guides

lol guides

  • MOBAFire.com
    • One of the best go to places for MOBA guides, MOBAFire has plenty of general guides to improve things such as your last clicking and map awareness.
  • Skill-Capped.com
    • Featuring highly detailed video analysis for individual champions and general gameplay, Skill-Capped is created by Challenger players to help improve your game.
  • LeagueCraft.om
    • If you’re looking for in-depth discussion on general strategies and tactics, then LeagueCraft is definitely the best place.
  • NerfPlz.com
    • If you need help deciding which champion is the best for a particular role or lane then NerfPlz will have everything you need.
  • ElitePVPers.com
    • ElitePVPers is a community that allows players to discuss tactics and strategies for several MOBA games including League of Legends.
  • LearnTheLeague.com
    • LearnTheLeague is a eBook full of useful tips and tricks to improve your skill in game. If you want to improve your gameplay then this eBook covers everything.

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