The Ultimate League of Legends Setup

By LoL Smurfs


The Ultimate League of Legends Setup

Have you ever been playing LoL and had your PC freeze? Maybe your PC blue screened or your internet cut off right before you could fire that skill shot that would have secured your multi-kill.

Having a good League of Legends setup can often be the difference between winning a game and losing it.

With the number of players that join a game only to disconnect or go AFK later on, having a good League of Legends setup is vital for your team.

Have you ever thought about what kind of PC you would build if you had loads of money? Can you imagine never lagging again and being the first person to reach 100% on the loading screen?

To help set your imagination alight we thought we would look at the ultimate League of Legends setup. The best gaming PC and setup to dominate your enemies in game. If you’re thinking of building a new PC then pay attention we have some great hardware suggestions.


intel core i7 cpu

When it comes to raw PC power, you need to make sure you have a fast CPU. Not only will this increase the load time of League of Legends but it will also allow you to multitask and run other programs in the background. This is essential if you plan on streaming or recording your game while playing LoL. With the release of the new AMD Ryzen processors, it’s a tough choice between 4 fast cores or 8 slightly slower cores. If you just plan on playing LoL then a 4-core chip would be best.

Our picks:



Since you’ll be playing League of Legends pretty much 24/7 you want to make sure you have a good graphics card that can handle the game no matter how intense it gets. Depending on how big your monitor is and what frame rate you play at will determine what card you go for.

Since money is not an option, we’re obviously going to be looking at the high range graphics card. In addition to this we’re not going to stop at just 1 when you can double your PC power with 2!

Our picks:



Lots of RAM is essential for your PC as many computer games nowadays eat your RAM like they’re some fresh pancakes. By having lots of RAM in your PC not only will it make your League of Legends run faster but it will also allow you to multitask better and run more programs at the same time.

In our picks, we’ve gone for 32GB of RAM which is more than enough for any League of Legends player. Manufacturers are also starting to release RGB versions of their RAM which for many gamers is a must have!

Our picks:



The motherboard is the core of your computer, and without it you’d just have a pile of PC parts. When it comes to motherboards, you want to make sure it will fit your CPU. In this case, it’s a battle between the AMD motherboards and the Intel ones.

We’ve highlighted our favorite board for each of the 2 CPUs we mentioned earlier. Whichever CPU manufacturer you pledge allegiance to, make sure your motherboard is RGB!

Our picks:

Hard Drives


In order to play League of Legends, you need a hard drive in order to store it on. Mechanical hard drives are so early 2000’s and technology has evolved creating much faster hard drives. Known as solid state drives, these drives are around 10 times faster than traditional hard drives.

Being the first player to reach 100% on the League of Legends loading screen is an important victory before the game has even begun. In order to be the first and send fear into the hearts of your opponent’s, we’ve gone with some super-duper fast PCIE SSD drives.

Our picks:



When you’re on the rift and facing your opponents in lane, you want to make sure you can easily and quickly press your abilities. Traditional keyboards are slow and cheap, this means sometimes when you press a key, it doesn’t actually active. This can be devastating if you’re trying to flash away from an enemy and your flash doesn’t go off.

To stop this from happening we’ve gone for a mechanical keyboard in our ultimate League of Legends setup. Mechanical keyboards pretty much all come with RGB as standard, which is great, but they also usually have an additional row of keys to make gaming much easier.

Our picks:



Without a good mouse, it’s impossible to last hit minions. A good mouse has high DPI for precision clicking as well as lots of buttons to help press your abilities when you most need them. There are currently hundreds of different mice on the market at the moment, but we think some of the best are made by Razer and Logitech. With RGB, extra buttons and a comfortable grip you can’t go wrong with these mice.

Our picks:

Mouse Pad

mouse pad

A mouse without a mouse pad is like bread without butter. The 2 go hand in hand and need to be perfect together to play League of Legends. With so many mouse mats available it can be hard to choose. When choosing ours, we took the size, surface, and durability into consideration. As you probably guessed there’s also an RGB option.

Our picks:



If you want to see summoners rift in glorious HD resolution, then you need a good monitor. Currently, ultra HD or 4k is very popular, and many players have swapped over to this resolution. With higher resolutions come lower frame rates which can be a distraction for many gamers.

If you want the best experience in game, then you want to make sure you have a high frame rate. Not only does it make the game smoother but it also makes the game much more enjoyable to play. Since we chose 2 graphics cards earlier, we’re going all out with the monitor too.

Our picks:



League of Legends can be very addictive. 1 game won’t satisfy most players cravings. In order to get your fix of LoL games, you need to have a comfy chair to endure marathon sessions. With a huge range of different gaming chairs out there, it can be tricky to decide where to rest your derriere. If you’ve been watching any pro League of Legends streamers recently then you’ll probably notice their cool gaming chairs that look really comfy. This is our first choice for seating and completes our ultimate League of Legends setup.

Our picks:

There you have it, the ultimate League of Legends setup! With this beast, you’d easily be able to climb to Challenger no problem. With no lag and no freezing imagine how easy it would be to destroy your enemies.

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