Ultra Rapid Fire Game Mode 2016

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Ultra Rapid Fire Game Mode 2016

URF, or Ultra Rapid Fire as no one calls it, is a League of Legends game mode that’s so popular people were literally spamming the Riot website when they didn’t get it on 1st April.

The idea behind the game mode is simple. Players get a buff which drastically improves their champion. It removes mana/energy costs, gives you an 80% CDR cap with 80% CDR, more movement speed, more attack speed and more! You can see an image of the URF buff below:

URF was usually available for players on April 1st, but this year Riot decided to replace URF with Draven Day – which proved to be an unpopular decision. Thankfully the new rotating game mode queue has saved the day because URF is coming back – Here’s what you need to know:

URF Comes Available 22nd April

The rotating game mode queue started off with Ascension which will be followed by everyone’s favourite ball of fluff: the Poro King. After that game mode comes Ultra Rapid Fire which means it will be available from the 22nd until the early morning of the 25th.

Upon it’s first rotation it will only be available over the weekend, although Riot have said that they are looking at making the rotating game mode queue last longer. We also assume that we will see URF again not too long after because there aren’t that many game modes Riot can put into the rotating queue.

The Death Timers Suck

URF is about fast paced and fun game play (the clue is kinda in the name). Under the current state of League of Legends the death timers are just too high. If your game was to last over 20 minutes you are looking at death timers of around 40 seconds. That’s more than enough time to finish a game of URF and it ruins the fun of the game mode.

Let’s hope that Riot review this and look at offering a separate death timer in this game mode. This will be the first time we play URF without revive and we don’t want to have the game mode ruined by the current state of the timers.

Split Pushing is OP

Split pushing on URF ruins it. The buff makes champions exceptionally strong and the current state of towers in League of Legends doesn’t help. When a player picks a strong split pusher (like Jax or Trynda) and proceeds to only split push the entire URF game then they can end the game within 15-16 minutes.

Split pushing isn’t exactly fun and there is no URF ranked ladder so I’m not sure why players would feel the need to ruin the fun for everyone by doing this but if you want to have fun in URF then ban the strong split pushing champions. Sona might be an instant ban but at least she isn’t going to ruin the game.

Riot should add ARURF

ARAM is an extremely popular game mode (It outlived Dominion!) where players can have fast paced games with random champions. If URF had this option then it would certainly be great fun to play. It would stop players from picking the broken champions and would add a bit more variety into the game mode. Last year around 16 champions made up over 50% of the games.

Yes we understand that playing Sona or Soraka in URF is funny (and frustrating for the enemy team) but it’s not what URF is about. URF is about having fun and playing these champions only ruins the game for the other people. A random URF game mode would solve this issue and bring the fun back.

Ban Zac

The current state of Zac on URF is insane. His W has a 1 second cooldown thanks to the buff, but then this is his passive:

Zac reduces Unstable Matter’s cooldown by 1 second every time he picks up a chunk of Cell Division’s. Picking them up while Unstable Matter is available instead reduces the cooldown of his next Unstable Matter by up to 1 second.
In other words: Once Zac has collected a blob from his first W he can then spam it with absolutely no cooldown. The results can be seen above.

URF Isn’t Immune from the Spaghetti Code

Riot are known for their hilarious and exciting in game bugs and URF does not disappoint on this front. We think there are going to be more bugs than ever before this URF and we hope that they can all be as funny as the Lux bug shown above.

Most Importantly: Have Fun

The most important thing about Ultra Rapid Fire Mode is to have fun. URF isn’t a game mode to be taken seriously and it’s not about winning as hard or as fast as you can – it’s about having fun. Don’t ruin the game for others by using cheese or flame and don’t take it seriously. It’s a game mode where you can let your hair down and relax from the pressures that ranked League of Legends brings. We hope that you have great fun playing URF and we look forward to seeing all the highlights on Reddit.

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