URF Mode (Ultra Rapid Fire) Is Back!

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URF Mode (Ultra Rapid Fire) Is Back!

With the release of the latest PBE patch notes, it looks like URF Mode is making a comeback in League of Legends – and is possibly here to stay permanently. All the hints we have discovered point towards an April 1st release of URF Mode, just in time for April Fools’ Day. We’ll take a look at the hints Riot have dropped so far relating to the re-release of URF Mode, but first let’s remind ourselves of what URF Mode involves.

What is URF Mode?

URF Mode is an acronym for Ultra Rapid Fire Mode and was initially a game mode made for April Fools’ Day. It is only played on Summoner’s Rift and can be played Co-op against AI or in Normal 5v5 games. URF Mode also includes “Blind Draft”, where champions are banned in the same fashion as standard draft play. However when it comes to the pick phase, champions are then picked blind. All players in an URF Mode game receive the “Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing” which significantly buffs some stats and bonuses, such as:

  • Abilities: Zero mana and energy costs on all abilities for all champions
  • Cooldown Reduction: 80% cooldown reduction for all champion abilities, active items and summoner spells
  • Attack Speed: +100% attack speed for all ranged champions
  • Movement Speed: +60 movement speed for all champions
  • Gold Income: Increased 5-fold for all champions

Last time that URF Mode was present some champions were removed due to being overpowered. These included Kassadin, Ryze and Sona – however it is unclear if any champions will be removed from URF Mode this time round.

The legendary TSM vs C9 URF Mode Match

Last year TSM and Cloud9 played an URF Mode exhibition match, which was quite a sight to watch (if a little crazy!). If you haven’t seen the match, or can’t quite remember it, check out the video below. The video also gives you a good idea of what to expect when URF Mode is re-released.


What evidence is there for URF Mode coming back?

Everything we’ve mentioned above is just hearsay and not solid evidence, however in the latest PBE notes cycle (as of 13th March) there is a lot of evidence pointing towards an URF Mode re-release in time for April Fools’ Day, which we’ve detailed below:

URF the Nami-tee

Nami has a new skin on the PBE, URF the Nami-tee. As the name suggests, this skin involves Nami dressed in an URF outfit. Of course this alone doesn’t confirm that URF Mode is making a comeback, but it’s definitely a good sign to start with. You can check out some pictures of the URF the Nami-tee skin here, as well as a pre-release video detailing the skin.



URF Summoner Icons

Perhaps more telling of an URF Mode return than the Nami skin are the new URF Mode summoner icons. Similar icons were released on the PBE last year, shortly before URF Mode went live for the first time. Riot haven’t provided any details on when these icons will be available in-game yet but we predict it will be on April 1st, to coincide with the URF Mode re-release. You can see images of the summoner icons below.

URF Triumphant Ward Skin

A new URF Triumphant ward skin has been released on the PBE. Combined with the URF the Nami-tee skin and the new URF summoner icons, we are convinced that Riot is planning a re-release of URF Mode (otherwise it would make no sense to include these items in the last PBE notes before April 1st – unless Riot are playing a cruel joke on us all!). You can see images of the URF Triumphant ward skin (click to view a bigger image) below.

As you can see from looking at the evidence available, it’s quite certain that URF Mode is returning to League of Legends soon – and possibly permanently this time. As we mentioned, our prediction is for an April 1st release – the same date on which URF was first released last year.
Are you looking forward to the re-release of URF Mode? Do you have any super strong strategies or must-have picks to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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