All you need to know about Championship Riven

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All you need to know about Championship Riven

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard of the League of Legends skin Championship Riven. This sought after rare skin was originally released to celebrate the Season 2 Worlds Final and few skin codes were released to the public. After the event Riot stated that they were not going to be bringing this skin back which makes it an extremely rare yet sought after skin. This is proven by the fact that before Riot removed skin codes in 2014, Championship Riven codes would sell for around $450!

The skin did make a return during the 2015 League of Legends worlds as a reward for anyone who could finish with a 100% score in the pick’em. Only one player successfully managed this which made him the proud owner of one of the rarest League of Legends skins out there.

The History of Championship Riven

The champion Riven was originally released at the end of Season One. Her interesting skill set, high mobility and serious damage made her a quick favourite with the League of Legends player base. To help celebrate the popularity of this champion, as well as the start of the LCS in Season 3,  Riot released the skin to celebrate the 2012 World Finals.

The skin was originally released to the store for 975 RP during the finals and given out as a free code to those 8000 lucky individuals that attended the finals. The skin features a blue sword which took inspiration from the neon blue lava which pours out from the Kawah Ijen Volcano in Indonesia. The later Championship skins for Thresh, Shyvana and Kalista have all also been blue.

The Championship Riven skin also features the number II on her back and front to celebrate the season 2 finale. Some users have also reported seeing the number II float around her when she uses her Valor ability. The Championship Thresh skin released in Season 3 also shares this feature as his skin has many references to the number three, although both Shyvana and Kalista do not have any references to numbers.

What Makes Championship Riven so Popular?

The primary attraction to the Championship Riven skin is its rarity. The skin was originally released only to those who attended the Season 2 Finale which can be estimated to be around 8,000 people. The skin was also sold on the store shortly after the World Finale from October 14th to October 24th.

This makes it one of the rarest skins in League of Legends and since 2012 it’s one of the only skins to have never returned to the store. It’s become notorious and would sell for around $450 when skin codes were available. Riot later disabled the ability for skin codes in 2014 which made the only way to obtain this skin to buy a League of Legends account which already had it on. There are some sellers that sell high end League of Legends accounts which contain rare skins, but unless Riot bring back the skin in the future (Which they have expressed they will not) then this skin will remain a legacy.

Championship Riven also has some very nice visual effects. The skin features a funky looking sword, blue spell effects compared to the original Green, and is a nice way to commemorate League of Legends pre-LCS. It’s also worth nothing that this skin cannot be received in a mystery gift or chest.

Will Championship Riven Ever come Back?

There have been thousands of people who enjoy playing Riven asking for the re-release of the Championship Riven skin but we highly doubt it’s going to happen. Despite a petition Riot have said that they aren’t sure on bringing her back.

Interestingly Riot Hippalus can be quoted to be saying:

“Yes I think Championship Riven will come back someday. Most limited edition skins took four years to come back after release, and it’s been two years for Riven so far.”

“Most limited edition skins came back into the store 4 years after release and therefore one possible scenario is to bring her back during the 2016 playoffs as part of a 5 skin Championship bundle with Thresh, Shyvana, etc”

This means that the 2016 World Championship just got more exciting because it looks like there might be a bundle of Championship Skins – which would include Championship Riven.

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