Why buy a LoL Smurf account from Lol-Smurfs.com?

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Why buy a LoL Smurf account from Lol-Smurfs.com?

Here at LoL Smurfs we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality unranked League of Legends smurf accounts. We’re proud of our great customer service and great price. However, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Below you’ll find a fully transparent guide on our LoL Smurf account creation process and how it compares to our competitors. Don’t forget to check out our reviews to see what our customers say about us!

Why buy from LoL Smurfs.com?

Here are the top 10 reasons that you should buy your League of Legends smurf account from us.

  1. We level our accounts against real players.
  2. Our accounts level like real players.
  3. We use rotating proxies.
  4. Our accounts contain full recovery information.
  5. Our accounts have good and realistic names.
  6. We have the lowest ban rate in the Smurf Market.
  7. We have our own unique and special warranty.
  8. We have 24/7 support with excellent reviews.
  9. Our League of Legends accounts are delivered instantly and securely.
  10. We have unrivaled expertise and are one of the oldest LoL smurf sellers in the market.

1. We level our LoL smurfs against real players

All our LoL smurf accounts are leveled in ARAM games, against real players, with around a 40% win rate. This is about the same win rate as Silver ranked players, meaning they are undetectable as bots. We ensure that our accounts are undetectable by using a regularly updated custom made program developed in house. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the other LoL smurf sellers on the market.

Our competitors level their accounts against bots

Reaching level 30 playing only against bots is highly suspicious and massively increases the chances of your account being banned.

2. Our League of Legends accounts level like real players

We use the safest & smartest custom developed technologies to level our LoL smurf accounts. Our expertly crafted software ensures that all of our accounts level using human-like behaviors, building optimal item builds and with a 40% win rate against real players.

Our competitors level like bots

Our competitors accounts use the same spells every game, don’t buy items and only play against other bots. This is highly suspicious behavior and will quickly get your newly bought smurf account flagged for a ban.

3. We use rotating proxies

All of our LoL smurf accounts are created using rotating proxies, meaning each accounts is created on a different IP. Having many accounts created at once on a single IP massively increases the risk of a ban – our system prevents this.

Our competitors use a single IP

Our competitors accounts are registered from a single IP, causing a huge red flag. When one account on that IP is banned, they all will be. Only then will they switch to a new IP – meaning that your league of legends smurf account is at risk because of other players…. Not fair!

4. Our accounts contain full recovery information

Birthday, signup IP, email address – it’s all there. This means if your LoL smurf account did get hacked you can easily recover it. At the time of purchase you will only receive the username and password but we store all the information in our database. If you need any details about your account – just ask us!

Our competitors don’t include any recovery information

If you buy from our competitors and your account gets banned then you’re out of luck. They don’t include any recovery information so the account is gone forever!

5. Our accounts have good, realistic names:

All of our LoL smurf accounts have good names. Each has less than 10 characters and has no numbers in the names. Examples would be things like “Misolert” or “Atontroph” (these are just examples, not real names of our accounts). This means they don’t appear as a bot and look like a real player.

Our competitors accounts have obvious bot names

Ever played against a player called “IIIiiilll15322” or similar? That’s our competitors accounts. The names are obvious bots and quickly reported and banned. If they aren’t banned, you’ll at least need to change the name when you get the account – costing you even more money in RP!

6. We have a 0.1% effective ban rate over 3 years!

It’s true, our effective ban rate over the past 3 years is 0.1% – that’s just 1 in every 1,000 LoL smurf accounts! In the event that your account did get banned for account sharing/account trading, our special warranty (mentioned below) will provide you with a new account quickly, easily and completely for free.

Our competitors get banned…. A lot!

Our competitors accounts get banned very frequently. Every time you hear of a major ban wave, thousands of their accounts have just been banned. Even worse – they won’t give you a new account so you’re stuck out of pocket. We think that’s really unfair!

7. We have a special warranty

If your LoL smurf account is ever banned for account sharing/account trading we will replace it – FOR FREE – in accordance with our warranty! This policy stays in place for the lifetime of your account.

Our competitors offer no guarantees

If your account from one of our competitors gets banned then you’re out of luck. You’ve lost the account, lost the money you’ve paid for it and they won’t offer you anything as compensation. We think that’s not fair and totally wrong.

8. Our customers love us

Just look at our reviews page – our customers love us! Unlike our competitors, we’re fully open and honest about our products and it shows in the satisfaction of our customers.

Our competitors don’t let you see reviews

Customers of our competitors often see their accounts banned for reasons mentioned above, and so won’t leave favorable reviews. Because of this they are afraid to link to their reviews on their site, which seems very untrustworthy to us!

9. Our LoL Smurfs come with Instant Delivery

When you purchase an account from LoL-Smurfs we’ll get your account emails immediately emailed to you within seconds of being purchased. Our system ensures that your account details are correctly selected from an unused account which means you’ll get your account with no complications.

Our competitors do it by hand

This means it can be slow and can even take a few hours before you receive your account details. They can also make errors and sell the same account twice which means you could end up with account details that don’t work!

10. One of the Oldest Smurf Sellers in the Marketplace

We’re one of the oldest League of Legends account sellers in the market. We’ve been around for over three years and have an excellent record. Our experience in this industry means we know what works and what doesn’t. When you buy a smurf from us you can rest assured you are in experienced and capable hands.

A lot of our competitors are new

The industry has recently exploded which has lead to an overall decrease in the quality of smurf sellers and a lot of the new sellers are in for a quick bit of cash. This leads to accounts that are easily banned, poor support and disappointment.

Now you know why LoL-Smurfs.com is the best for buying league accounts, check out our league of legends accounts for sale. We really are better than our competitors in every way – our reviews and stats show it. Plus, our lifetime guarantee means you have literally nothing to lose!

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