Why you should buy a League of Legends Account

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Why you should buy a League of Legends Account

Did you know that you can actually buy League of Legends accounts?

You may be thinking why would I ever want to buy an account if I can get one for free? Well there are actually many reasons why people decide to pay for an account instead of making them themselves. So why should you buy a League of Legends account?

It’s Faster Than Levelling Yourself

One of the most popular reasons players buy a League of Legends account is that it saves the player the time of levelling the account up themselves. Currently the XP required to reach level 30 is approximately 20,042. On average a game will give 90XP per match without any booster packs. From looking at the maths this would take around 90+ hours to reach level 30 assuming the average match time was 25 minutes. As you can see this is a lot of time you need to put towards levelling your account when you could be focusing on your ranked games instead.

Since you can purchase a League of Legends account for around $26 nowadays, and as a Goblin on World of Warcraft once said “Time is Money Friend”, you can see why it’s worth the price with all the time you’ll save.

You Can Play with Lower Rank Friends

By buying a League of Legends account it allows you to start from scratch as all accounts are unranked. If you had a bad set of placement matches on your original account then you can easily try again on a new unranked account. If, like most players, you play the game with your friends then a smurf account can be useful to own.

If you have friends who have just started playing the game and you want to play with them then the chances are you’ll need a new account. If you play on your normal account the chances are you will be put into higher rank games. Obviously nobody wants to be in a high skilled match if they’ve never played the game before. By buying a League of Legends account you can reset your rank and be able to play in the same skill level games as your friends.

Bought League of Legends Accounts come with IP

Most League of Legends accounts you buy from us come with the added benefit of IP and RP included with the account.

The average amount of IP included is 20,000 IP which is enough to purchase three legendary champions. With each legendary champ costing 6,300 IP, that’s a lot of time saved farming champions. You simply buy the champions for the role you are interested in playing and you’re off. Of course IP can also be spent on other things, such as runes which are essential when playing ranked games.

By buying a new account you can look to change your role in game and buy all the runes and champions to match. There’s nothing worse than having to spend 20k of IP on runes when you decide to switch from ADC to Top lane. By buying a new League of Legends account you can purchase all the champs and runes you want without wasting time. You’ll also have your other account with a different set of runes and champs for a different role.

You can Play on a New Region 

Another reason someone would buy a League of Legends account is because they fancy switching regions. With EUW considered one of the most competitive regions in terms of skill, a lot of NA players are getting second accounts in EUW to test their skills. Although you can purchase a server transfer through the Riot store for 2600RP (around $20) once you’ve switched its hard to switch back. For only a few dollars more you can get a completely new account so you can keep your main account on your home region with all your stats saved. If you buy a League of Legends account in a different region you can then compete in multiple ranked leagues to really show off your skill.

It’s Cheaper Than Buying Champions Individually

Since most smurf accounts come with 20k IP you can buy around 4 third tier legendary champions with this amount. Each third tier legendary champion costs 3,150 IP or 790 RP. Based on the maths this equates to around 4,740 RP which is approximately $36. Whereas the price of a smurf account would be less than $30 saving you a nice amount of cash! Some other smurf accounts come with over 16 champions already unlocked, which saves you the time of farming the IP or spending money on buying them.

So if you’re wondering why people bother to buy League of Legends accounts then hopefully this list answered your question. There are so many benefits of owning a secondary League of Legends account you can see why buying accounts are becoming more popular. If you are interested in looking at our range of unranked smurf accounts available be sure to check our store below.

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