Why Your Dad Should Play LoL on Father’s Day

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Why Your Dad Should Play LoL on Father’s Day

With father’s day fast approaching, you’re probably trying to decide what amazing gift to get him. Maybe you can’t decide between a fidget spinner or a fidget cube, whatever it is why not go for something original? If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, then why not get him a LoL account? He’s probably already got enough socks and jumpers to last him a lifetime!

Although it might sound a bit strange at first getting your dad a LoL account for father’s day, hear us out! There are plenty of good reasons why you should. To convince you it’s a good idea, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons why.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

father and son on pc

Dads can be busy guys, spending all day at work then coming home late at night after a long day. It can be hard for them to spend some quality time with their children if they work long hours and are always drained.

Father’s day is always on a Sunday and is always a day of rest. Why not seize this opportunity to spend some with your dad. If you’re an active LoL player then this would be a great way to introduce him to your world and show him what all the fuss is about. Just like when you used to play together growing up, it will be just like the good old times.

LoL runs well on most computers nowadays so if you have a spare laptop or computer get that out and set it up. You might need to teach your dad the basics of the game first so he has an idea of what he’s doing. But after a quick tutorial, he should get the hang of it and you’ll be ready to face some real opponents.

For the best experience, we would recommend playing bottom lane as ADC and support so you can be near each other to help him out.

Have a Laugh

father and son laughing

Now we’re not saying your dad is going to be a pro within an hour of playing the game. In fact, he might not even manage a full game. But whatever the outcome it’s sure to be a great laugh!

If you can think about all the fun you have when you play with your friends, imagine the fun you’ll have when you play with your dad! It would be best to start off with some bot games first to make sure he understands the game. But after this quick tutorial, you’ll be ready to play some normal games against actual players.

Depending on how bad (or good) you dad is you could let him switch role and try to play some mid or top lane on his own. Just think of all those years as a young child your dad carried you around. Now’s your chance to repay him and carry him through some games!

They Might Already Secretly Play

dad playing pc game

With League of Legends being one of the most popular games in the world with millions of active monthly players there’s a good chance your dad could already play.  If your dad is up to date with technology and computers then he might play a few games in his spare time. You’ve heard of people’s dads secretly playing Farmville and Candy Crush so you never know he could secretly already be a LoL player.

He could be playing with friends from work in his spare time and trying to climb the ranked ladder. Or he might have noticed you play the game yourself and he wants to surprise you with his mad skills. Well, surprise him back by getting him his very own LoL smurf account. There’s absolutely no better way to say “I love you Dad”, trust us.

Who knows your dad could already be a pro, and you’ll be asking him to carry you!

They Enjoy a Challenge

father and son sport

Some dads love a challenge, and if you challenge them to a game of League of Legends they just won’t be able to refuse. Every day wants to prove that they are the best.

If they’ve never played a game of LoL before, then you might need to give them a warm up match and explain the basics. Once they’ve had a bit of practise it will be all out war to prove who’s the real man of the house.

You could challenge them to a 1v1 game where you both meet in the middle lane and the person to destroy the others nexus wins. If that’s too complicated for your old man you could try something simpler like a race to 300 CS, or the most kills within 20 minutes.

One thing’s for sure, whoever wins in the end there will definitely be a call for a rematch!

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