League of Legends Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals Recap

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League of Legends Worlds 2016 Quarterfinals Recap

The quarterfinals are over and we now have our 4 teams who will battle it out to claim a prestigious place in the finals. The stakes are now ever higher than even with 1 mistake costing an entire game, the pressure is really on.

Last week we saw 4 quarterfinal matches from the likes of the top 8 teams who made it through from the group stages. Some games were gg ezi pizi while some were really close calls. In the end only 4 teams made it through but they were all earned their rights to be in the semi-finals.

In case you missed the quarterfinals or don’t have time to watch all 14 games then don’t worry, we’ve got the highlights from every game.

Samsung Galaxy vs Cloud 9 (13th October)

In the first quarterfinal match we saw South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy take on North American hopefuls Cloud 9. Samsung Galaxy were the clear favourites going into the match as they had finished first in their group with 5 wins and 1 loss. Cloud 9 on the overhand finished in 2nd place in their group with 3 wins and 3 losses.

Game 1: SSG Wins

Samsung Galaxy won the first game in 27 minutes and 31 seconds after destroying 11 towers and taking the baron. With a gold advantage of 14k and a kill difference of 20 to 6, SSG showed a strong start in the first of their potential 5 games.

Game 2: SSG Wins

In the second game it was clear Cloud 9 had adjusted their strategy and Samsung Galaxy were feeling the effects. This game lasted much longer than the first game by over 10 minutes but saw a lot less action in terms of kills and objectives. By the end of the game SSG had managed to secure their second victory by taking 2 barons and racking up an 11k gold advantage.

Game 3: SSG Wins

In game 3 the pressure was on. Cloud 9 knew they had to win at all costs if they wanted to even have a chance of getting through to the semi-finals. By the 15 minute mark C9 had a gold advantage of 449 and had already taken a tower. Compared to their previous games they seemed to be doing pretty well.

From that point on the tables quickly turned and SSG started to take more and more objectives while increasing their gold advantage. By the end of the game their gold advantage had reached a peak of 12k and they had secured 2 barons. As the finals Nexus exploded, so did C9’s dreams of lifting the summoner’s cup. SSG had done it with a clean sheet and displayed their true strength just before going into the semi-finals.

SSG Wins 3 – 0

SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up (14th October)

The second quarter final match took place the day after on the 14th October. This time we had a slightly more balanced match with South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 fighting off Chinese superstars Royal Never Give up.

Game 1: RNG Wins

The first game was rather long compared to both teams previous matches, but when 2 good teams play together you can expect the games to be extra-long. After 47 minutes of playing RNG claimed the first match with 9 towers, 4 dragons and a baron. They had also managed to accumulate a 9k gold advantage after almost losing it around the 36 minutes mark. SKT1’s “super star” Faker definitely didn’t have a good game and ended up finishing 0 for 3. With the first match going to RNG it looked like SKT1’s chances of winning worlds again was disappearing.

Game 2: SKT Wins

In the second game SKT turned the tables. Learning from their mistakes in the first game SKT decided to go on the attack this time. By the end of the game they managed to secure an incredible 19.4k gold advantage which started from 4 minutes in. In addition to this they also took plenty of objectives including 11 towers, 5 dragons and 1 baron. After 43 minute and 6 seconds, SKT claimed the second game and put them even with RNG.

Game 3: SKT Wins

After tying for 1 game each game 3 was crucial as it would put one team in the lead and possibly determine the outcome of the match. Hot off their previous victory SKT spent no time holding back. Within 5 minutes the first kill was given to SKT and they began to ramp up the aggression. What followed was an absolute annihilation.

By the end of the game SKT had secured a 19.8k gold advantage, 11 towers, 2 dragons and 2 barons. RNG on the other hand didn’t even managed to destroy a single tower. After a much shorter time of 30 minute and 12 seconds SKT claimed the 3rd game and were one step closer to going through to semi-finals.

Game 4: SKT Wins

Game 4 was all to play for, with SKT leading by 1 game already RNG had to win this if they wanted to stay in. Within 4 minutes of the game RNG had taken the first blood and had started to increase their gold advantage. For the first 14 minutes it was really anybody’s game until SKT managed to destroy 2 towers and take 2 dragons. From that point on it was pretty much plain sailing for SKT as the continuing to take more objectives. By the end of the game SKT had managed to take 9 towers, 3 dragons and 1 baron. RNG only managed to destroy 1 tower during the game which left them crashing out of the competition.

Without surprise, last year winners had secured their spot in the semi-finals. Although they had a slight drawback at the start of the match they managed to adapt fast enough and crush their opponents.

SKT1 Wins 3 – 1

ROX Tigers vs Edward Gaming (15th October)

The third quarterfinal match featured South Korea’s ROX Tigers taking on China’s Edward Gaming. Going into the match ROX Tigers were the clear favourites after finishing first in the group with 5 wins and 2 losses. Edward Gaming on the other hand finished 2nd place in their group with 4 wins and 3 losses.

Game 1: ROX Wins

The first game started off very well for ROX Tigers as they ended up taking the first blood, first tower and first dragon. Throughout the game they also went on to increase their gold advantage, reaching a peak of 13k by the end of the game. The game lasted 35 minutes and 44 seconds and looked like a fairly easy game for ROX. Not only did they win on kills and gold but they also clearly won on objectives. By the end of the game they had destroyed 10 towers, claimed 3 dragons and 1 baron. Although it was just the first game it was already looking good for ROX Tigers.

Game 2: ROX Wins

After crushing EDG in the first game ROX were keen to keep their lead and they threw everything they had at game 2. Just like before they managed to secure the first blood, first tower and first dragon of the match. In fact, EDG didn’t take any objectives during the whole game. After 26 minutes and 8 seconds, ROX Tigers were the clear winners and had already bagged a 2 game lead.

Game 3: EDG Wins

During the break, EDG must have had some serious team talking as they came back with an entirely new plan of action. This time ROX secured the first blood and the first tower. Whatever they talked about during their team talk was definitely paying off. By the 14 minute mark they had a clear gold advantage which only increased later on in the game. After 34 minute and 48 seconds EDG were the clear winners after claiming 9 towers, 2 dragons and 1 baron.

Game 4: ROX Wins

In game 4 both teams had everything to play for. ROX needed to win this game to win the match and EDG needed to win the game to stay in the tournament. Both teams threw everything they had at it. ROX managed to secure the first kill of the game and then went on to also claim the first dragon. EDG responded and ended up taking the first tower of the game. By the 20 minute mark ROX had started to slowly take lead. They quickly gained several more objectives which put them even further ahead. After 32 minute and 34 seconds ROX were the final winners and won the match.

After a long and gruelling battle ROX tigers managed to push away the competition from EDG and safely progressed to the semi-finals. Although they lost 1 game they still managed to adapt fast enough to their enemy’s strategy and claim back the important 4th game.

ROX Wins 3 – 1

H2K vs Albus NoX Luna (16th October)

The 4th and final match of the quarter finals was between the 2 most unlikely teams to make it through. Russia’s Albus NoX Luna who finished 2nd in their group were up against Europe’s last remaining team H2k who finished first in their group. Despite all the bad mouthing about how bad EU was this year H2k had actually made it through. In addition to this a wildcard team had also made it out of the group stages and was into the quarterfinals.

Game 1: H2k Wins

The first game started off with H2k claiming the first blood within 4 minutes. Almost 10 minutes later they also went on to claim the first tower of the match. ANX responded a few minutes later by taking the first dragon. H2k built up a steady gold advantage throughout the game until at 29 minutes ANX managed to claim the baron. Luckily H2k had built up such a lead that it didn’t matter. After 34 minutes and 44 seconds H2k claimed the first game.

Game 2: H2k Wins

After figuring out the winning strategy H2k wasted no time on implementing it again. This time it was a complete annihilation with ANX taking 0 objectives throughout the whole match. H2k on the other hand took 8 towers, 2 dragons and the baron to rub it in. By the end of the game they had a 14k gold advantage and after a short game of 23 minutes and 38 seconds, H2k secured the 2nd game.

Game 3: H2k Wins

The third game was important for both teams as H2k needed it to secure their win and ANX needed it to stay in the competition. After winning the previous 2 games it seemed H2k had already cracked the winning code. Within the first 9 minutes of the game H2k had taken the first blood, first tower and the first dragon of the match. ANX tried to fight back by taking some towers during the remained of the match but H2k were just too strong. After 34 minutes and 52 seconds H2k had claimed their 3rd game and had secured their spot in the semi-finals.

Compared to last year’s performance H2k have done really well this year and all of Europe is rooting for them.

H2k Wins 3 – 0

Upcoming Semi-Final Matches

With less than a week until the crucial semi-final matches, we thought we’d give you an update on everything you need to know about the 4 teams.

SK Telecom T1 vs ROX Tigers (21st October)

The first semi-final match takes place on 21st October and boy is it sure to be special! Last year’s world champions SK Telecom T1 will be battling it out against last year’s 2nd place winners ROX Tigers.

Both teams have fought hard to get to the semi-finals but only 1 team can make it through.

SK Telecom T1 previously beat Chinese hopefuls Royal Never Give Up in their last quarterfinal match, losing only 1 game out of the 4 they played. Although you might not necessarily expect that from the world champions they still managed to easily secure the win.

Their opponents ROX Tigers, also had a similar dilemma during their previous match. The South Korean team were up against Chinese challengers Edward Gaming who finished 2nd place in their group. Everything was looking fine for ROX Tigers until they lost the 3rd game

If we had to decide who was going to go through, based on the previous match history we would have to say SK Telecom T1. Although ROX Tigers is still a strong team and also finished first in their group they finished 5-2 as opposed to SKTs 5-1. Whatever the outcome we think it will be a tense match that will take all 5 games to determine a winner.

Samsung Galaxy vs H2K (22nd October)

The second semi-final match will take place the day after on the 22nd October. If you thought the first match sounded exciting then prepare to have your excitement amplified!

Samsung Galaxy, the top team from their group is currently on a win streak of 7 matches! Although Samsung has recently had a lot of publicity for certain things being on fire, you can’t deny that their eSports team is also lit.

In the upcoming semi-finals Samsung Galaxy takes on Europe’s last remaining team H2k. This European team who has defied all odds to make it into the semi-finals also happens to be on a 7 match win streak. After going 4-0 on day 6 and 3-0 in their semi-final match it seems like luck is on H2k’s side.

But on 22nd October one of these win streaks has to end.

Only 5 games can be played and a winner must be declared.

Although both teams finished at the top of their groups, H2k does have another loss over SSG. This means if you try to call the game by the stats you’d probably favour SSG, but with both teams being on a 7 game win streak it’s really hard to call. Whatever the outcome it’s sure to be an explosive match!

To save us from the potential embarrassment we’ll let you decide! Leave a comment below on who you think is going to win and maybe by the wisdom of the crowd phenomenon we’ll get a clear answer.

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