Worst League of Legends Custom Skins

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Worst League of Legends Custom Skins

Let’s face it, skins can be very expensive in game and not all of us can afford them. Luckily there are people out there that have made League of Legends custom skins that we can all enjoy.

Unfortunately, sometimes their generosity far exceeds their talents. Let’s just say that although we’re grateful for their contributions, not all of these custom skins are the best.

This time we’ll be looking at the worst League of Legends custom skins out there.

April fools might have already passed us this year, but these skins are still a joke!

The Worst Custom League of Legends Skins

Project: Akali


The first on our worst custom skins list is this epic green disaster. If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, then you’ve probably seen the PROJECT skins in game but you’ve probably never seen anything this bad.

With its low-quality textures and bad colors, this skin is most definitely an eyesore for anyone who chooses to install this in game. The skin features Akali in a green outfit that looks like it’s been made in paint.

Although the concept of the skin is a good idea, we think the execution of it is terrible, and we’d much rather stick with the default Akali skin.

Ice Alistar

ice alistar

Alistar has never been the best-looking champion, but we didn’t think it was possible to make him any worse. However, someone has managed to do exactly that by giving it an icy white tint.

This skin hasn’t had any other changes made to it and it’s just a cosmetic change on the actual texture. We don’t know whose idea it was to make this skin or why but we think it definitely looks out of place and weird. There are much better custom Alistar skins that are worth downloading, if you want something nice and pleasant to look at while playing LoL then this skin is definitely not one of them.

Pink Ashe

pink ashe

If you’re a big fan of Ashe then look away now, this hideous skin will leave you thinking why oh why?

If you’re a fan of pink then you’ll probably love this skin, whereas everyone else will most likely hate it. We think this deserves a place on our worst League of Legends custom skins list as it probably took 5 minutes (or less) to make in Photoshop.

Basically a Chroma skin, this Ashe skin has been colorized into a shocking pink. Keeping everything the same including the animations, model and particles you can tell not a lot of effort has gone into making this skin and the results aren’t that impressive.

Haunting Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is a popular champion with many players due to his cool looks and deadly abilities. However, this skin turns him into a laughing stock. Inappropriately named “Haunting Fiddlesticks” this skin is anything but haunting.

It might look a bit creepy, but really it’s just terrible.

The skin features Fiddlesticks as white figure, most presumably trying to resemble a ghost. His eyes have been changed to blood red and he has been given some new deadly teeth in an attempt to make him scarier.

Overall we think the result has had the complete opposite effect and he actually looks funnier than he did before!

Reverse Gragas

reverse gragas

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, then the chances are you’ve seen skins such as Reverse Annie but you’ve probably never seen something this bad.

Appropriately named Reverse Gragas, this skin is exactly what you thought it would be. Gragas and his barrel have swapped places so that his barrel is now carrying him and throwing him around.

As hilarious as this skin seems it’s pretty terrible when it comes to playing it. The textures aren’t perfect and it just generally looks weird. If you want a funny skin, this is probably it, but don’t expect to play with it any more than once!

Bloodstone Katarina

From initially looking at the skin you might think, hey this doesn’t look too bad. But think again.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Katarina is actually hovering, a bit strange considering she is a melee assassin. The second thing is when Katarina moves she just floats around instead of running. This is most likely because the creator couldn’t be bothered to animate her moving and saved time by making her hover.

Her ultimate, death lotus, has also been changed to a crazy new ultimate which isn’t the most visually appealing.

If you skip to 50 seconds on the video above, you’ll be able to see Katarina’s new ultimate. However, if you have epilepsy, we advise you give it a miss!

We can tell a lot of effort has been put into the skin but we just don’t think the overall theme or style match. Katarina floating? Bloodstones and not daggers? Hardly any clothes? We think we’ll stick with the normal Katarina.

We hope these League of Legends custom skins make you think twice before downloading them, not all custom skins and good and some of them deserve to be skipped!


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