Lol-Smurfs University Scholarship
Designed to help with supplies, textbooks and university spending.
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1. What is the Scholarship?
2. What do I get?
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The LoL-Smurfs scholarship is designed to help students during their time at university. Although the scholarship is primarily aimed at students studying computing related degrees, it is open to everyone.

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The scholarship consists of 4 x $250 payments - perfect for helping out with supplies, textbooks and so on. The scholarship receiver will receive one $250 payment per quarter (every 3 month), for a total of 4 payments/$1000 throughout the academic year.

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To apply for the scholarship please check with your university scholarship office to see if they are partnered with us to offer it. They can then direct you on how to apply. If your university is not partnered with us yet, please email us using the form below with your university name, your name and your .edu email adress. We will then contact your university on your behalf to enter you for the scholarship.

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